Trip Report

Boeing 747-400

Going Home on Mr Blobby the 747

In the Cabin

I thought


Hey if I was as big as Cartman I’d have no problems in walking in to this

plane LOL ………..

Next to Concorde and a Ryan Air 737-200 first impressions of a 747 was wow this plane is BIG, it didn’t feel like plane, it felt like a mansion or big house it was huge inside and I was impressed by its size.

But it was not meant to be …………….. However I was still very grateful that we had got in to Business class as cattle class (Economy class) looked awful and extremely cramped.

{ Right - Economy  class on }

{  British Airways 747-400  }

We showed our tickets to the stewardess and she took us to our seats mine was 14G, Sparky’s was 14 E but there was some disappointing news we didn’t get a window seat which I really wanted, instead we got seats in the centre of the 747 located in front  the galley ………

By this time my body had cought up with my head and it was starting to wined down  so with little sleep in 2 days I was very tired and grouchy.  

On our flight home I wanted to see what the earth looked like from the window of a 747 as I’d seen the view from a Ryan Air 737-200 and Concorde, I wanted to take photos out of the 747’s windows

                                                   My 747 ticket home                                        My 747 boarding pass

We where directed to the boarding gate and where allowed to carry our bags with us. On our way to Mr Blobby, I felt sad that the trip was finally over as I has a brilliant time in New York and on Concorde, On way to Mr Blobby  tiredness finally hit me like the “ wall “ hits London Marathon runners at the 20 mile mark but I some how had to keep my eyes open and keep my spirits up but it wasn’t easy as my eyes kept on falling shut.

The walk to the 747’s door was longer than the walk to Concorde’s door, When we got there the 747 door was huge, it was the size of a barn door.

Our 747 was a new 747-400, unlike the Concorde lounge at Heathrow where I saw my plane being pulled in……Here at JFK I never saw the 747 being pulled in to our gate, I never saw a backup 747.

Sparky and I got to the departure desk in time but that desk had a long queue and we where at the end of that queue ……….. doh.

I felt like I was going to fly on a Ryan Air as apart from access to the Concorde lounge, the departure desk and all the rest of the stuff felt like Ryan Air and not “British Airways”…… Eventually we got to the front of the departure desk and showed them my passport and ticket.