Trip Report

As at Heathrow’s Concorde lounge there where not enough PCs at JFK, there where only  4 PCs and they where all being used by other passengers, we also had 2 people in front of us waiting to use those PCs ..… doh.

Sparky and I waited for what seemed forever, finally we got access to a PC but the person using it had really been coughing up snot and sneezing all over the PC as I think he had flue.

I really didn’t want to use that PC and I desperately hoped that another PC (which didn’t have any one coughing or sneezing on it) would become free, but as luck would have it time was running short and we knew that sooner or later our flight would be called, no other PC was free and this one was free so we had no choice but to use this snot filled fluey PC to see what was happening at home.

Before I used it I got a few clean tissues from my pocket and cleaned the keyboard and mouse as there was no way I was gonna touch some else’s snot and sneeze drops, the last thing I needed was to catch the flu left on this PC (through coughing and sneezing) from the guy who was using it before me.

I just didn’t need his flu, I didn’t need the aches and pain as I know it would have knocked me out of 2 weeks, I didn’t have 2 weeks spare to recover as I was in America and an ocean away from home so I knew I had to be strong and in good health to get home and face the press.

I got on the PC and tried to log on to the internet,  Sparky stood behind me while I did this as he needed to use a PC but none of the others where free.

Logging on to the internet took forever as the PC did do anything for a long time, at first I thought


Did that person before me give that PC the flue or a virus by coughing and sneezing on it ….. nope he hadn’t  (as computers can’t catch human flu).

From Windows my computer icon I then looked at the PCs spec to find out what it made of and why was it so slow.

I found out the PC was running  Windows XP on a 500 mhz Pentium 3 processor and 64mb of ram..

That is VERY low and SLOW spec PC as Windows XP needs 128mb to run on and a faster processor to do anything as Windows XP needs a lot of power to run smoothly and fast.

I was very surprised that British Airways had such a low spec PCs  I expected better and faster PCs from them as this was “British Airways“ and not dodgy Dave’s bargain bucket discount airline.

I needed to speed it up the PC so I switched off Real player (which was running in background and thus slowing the PC down even more), but the PC froze for 5 minutes then it came back but it was still incredibly slow by this time Sparky had found a faster PC next to mine and logged on to ConcordeSST from that.

Eventually my PC came back to life. I checked my e-mails, I wanted to send mum an e-mail to let her know how I was but mum doesn’t know how to use a Computer let alone use e-mail, so I left that and briefly read a few more e-mails, then Sparky and I both logged on to ConcordeSST.


British Airways’s -Terminal 7

Sparky and I realised time was short so we left the smokers room went to Concorde Lounge reception and said to the receptionist


We want use the internet how do we to that computer room as we want to see what’s been going on at home and talk to our friends on Concorde SST.

We where given rough directions and carrying our heavy bags we walked out of the Concorde Lounge and headed in the direction of that room. We eventually found the PC room but it wasn’t proper room, it was just a few desks near the sweet shop in the duty free area of JFK departures lounge which had been screened off by the same screens they use in open plan offices.

These are the same type of office screens used at JFK to separate the Computer area from the rest of the Departures lounge.