Trip Report

I didn’t have a clue what had been going on in the UK as we didn’t have internet access nor time in New York to find out, only place we had internet access to was at JFK.

In a happy but tired voice Sparky yawned and said


I’ve heard from people at home that there’s been a heck of a lot of interest in you and your flight.

Some people have tracked mine and your flights in real time over the internet and many have started a lot of threads on ConcordeSST concerning your flight, where you was in the world, your mum, my flight status etc, etc.

View of the restaurant in the Concorde room .

We looked at our watches and saw we still had time so we decided to leave the Concorde lounge for a while and do some shopping in the duty free area...... I walked to the nearest magazine-sweet shop and you guessed it I grabbed as many chocolates as I could.......The plan was to munch them on my way to London on Mr Blobby the fat 747.

While in the shop I also looked for magazines on Concorde and magazines about computers but they had no Concorde magazines and none of the PC mags interested me.

On my way out of there I saw a rack of baseball caps from NYPD they looked good but where $20 (£11.25 in 2003) for one hat, I got 3 base ball hats in New York for $10 (£5.62 in 2003) and I was glad I got JFK I felt a single base ball hat for $20 was to much money, it felt like a con......

While I was looking at the base ball hats Sparky went back to the Concorde lounge to chill out, when I got back to the Concorde Lounge I couldn’t find Sparky any where then I realised he must me in the smokers room relaxing.

I walked past the smokers room looked through those square windows and yep saw Sparky sitting in the far right corner, but I couldn’t find the door as those doors are very well hidden and camouflaged, eventually I pushed a few walls next to the room and one wall “opened“ and I smelled cigarette smoke.

I thought


Aha ……….. this  IS the door  to the smokers room, so with my large bag of chocolate bars I went in there.


British Airways’s -Terminal 7

We walked out of the security area and headed towards the Concorde lounge at JFK.

When we got there I saw the magic words


Concorde Room

On a large oval silver plaque on the left side of the entrance to the lounge, from the out side this wasn’t as flashy as Heathrow’s entrance to the Concorde lounge but it was ok

We stood out side the Concorde lounge I felt special and very excited in a calm way


We sat on the seats opposite the huge plate glass windows, relaxed and chatted for a while.......Then we walked around the lounge and found British Airways had turned it temporarily in to a restaurant and people were there having dinner.

If Concorde had been there we would have seen this view (but with out the pretty girl standing infront of Concorde).

We saw a view similar to the one in the above photo.

We went through the double doors, Sparky had a chat with receptionist and she took us to the seating area.......Sparky then took us to the windows which over looked air side at JFK.......We expected to see Concorde parked there but there was none insight doh......

Entrance to the Concorde Lounge at JFK

Corridor  to the Concorde Lounge at JFK