Trip Report


British Airways’s -Terminal 7

On our way to JFK I had a mixture of emotions, I was sad that it was nearly all over and I was flying home on Mr Blobby the fat porky SLOW 747, but also excited that I had flown on Concorde and seen New York.

At JFK when got to British Airways’s terminal - (Terminal 7)..... I felt sad as now I knew it was all over....... we got out of the cab, got our bags, thanked the cab driver for getting us up to JFK and stood outside looking around.

To see the street view outside Terminal 7 click on the following


Outside street view of Terminal 7 - JFK

A new tab will open on your browser.....By turning left/right or

clicking on the arrows in the road to move backwards/forwards

you'll see what me and Sparky saw on 22 Oct 2003.

For some annoying reason you can't see this view in iframe window.

Before we went in Sparky wanted to have quick smoke, while he was doing this I got the camcorder out and took more video of where we where and I made the last entry of the day in my video diary after that entry tape 2 finished but was STILL in the camcorder.

I was facing terminal 7 after Sparky had finished his cigarret it was time to go in to terminal 7 but before we went in I turned around and had one last look at the New York skyline.

I paused for a few seconds and thought about what had happened and how much fun we both had, had in the last 24 hours ………. then with a sad down feeling we both walked through the glass doors of the terminal 7........

Above photo (off the internet) shows the British Airways check-in desks on the left side

On my British Airways check-in desks  had huge queues of people waiting to check in, I thought


Oh oh looks like we are gonna  to have a long wait …………. doh.

Sparky happily said


Because you’ve flown on Concorde I’ve got a few mates here who might be able to get us both an upgrade, one of them’s a guy called Joe Presta. (British Airways official at JFK).

Joe might be able to get us an upgrade from Economy (cattle) class to British Airways Club class, but I’m not yet sure if this can happen, I’ll have words with Joe wait there while go and find him.

Sparky walked away and spoke to Joe, 5-10 minutes later Sparky came back and happily



We’ll have to wait to see if this can happen.

While we where waiting I saw a lot of very pretty (18-30 some thing) weman walking in to the terminal .

Entrance to get inside British Airways Terminal 7 at JFK

When we got in I looked around on my left I saw a long wall of British Airways check in desks (same as  they have at Terminal 4) on my right there was check-in desks for other airlines.