Trip Report

5pm time to go home

Getting the Taxi to JFK

Today it was a cloudy and dull day in New York but I still some how saw the sunrise (as it was day light) and now at JFK as the sun was setting the sky was getting darker and I saw the 3rd sunset in 24 hrs its amazing to think that this really happened, but thanks to Concorde it DID happen     

The last 24 hours didn’t feel like a day, it felt like a week as I crammed more things, had more different experiences then I have ever had in my whole life over the same length of time, it was incredible to think what had really happened in such a short space of time.

If Concorde had been flying at 10am and landing at Heathrow at 10pm like she use it would have been even more magical. Concorde had the ability to fly some one to Heathrow to JFK and JFK – Heathrow in the SAME time span it takes a  747 or any other subsonic plane the fly ONE way from Heathrow to JFK.

While I was in New York I felt safe, I was totally and utterly care free. I was extremely happy as I didn’t need to worry about the constant, unrelenting, unstoppable pain and torment of job hunting, not having a girl friend, money, my future, my .I.T. Career etc etc.

All my worries where an ocean a way, for the first time in 2 1/2 years I could get away from all the job hunting  stress and heart ache, for the first time in 2 1/2 years I could completely “forget“ and I knew at this moment in time these things couldn’t hurt me in anyway, I could relax and actually have fun.

I felt truly and completely at peace with my self, I felt extremely happy, I felt completely full filled and at one with my self as my child hood dream of flying on Concorde had been full filled, my wish to see New York had been full filled.

In New York every where we walked I saw a sea of heads, I saw faces and skin colours of people from every nation, race and religion on the planet. People use to say America and New York is a melting pot, from what I have seen they where right.

The atmosphere of New York is a place which is exciting, it buzzes, the whole place is electric as I walked down the roads and streets of New York I felt excited and I wanted to explore New York but we just didn’t have the time.

New York is a city made up of  a mixture of industrial, office and residencial buildings from 19th, 20th and 21st century, ranging from old Victorian buildings to 1930’s Art Deco style buildings, 1940’s, 1950s – 1980s office blocks up to the modern 21st century buildings.

It was an incredible place to live, work and holiday in.

 imagined the kids from Fame racing out of their buildings and dancing on cars while they listened to the latest pop/dance music.

On our trip time was the biggest factor which limited us in what we could see or do, if we knew that could get home on another Concorde then we would have been able to stay in New York for 3 –4 hrs longer.

We would have seen the New York skyline from the Staten Island ferry, seen the statue of liberty from that Staten  Island ferry, seen Wall street, seen the Chrysler building and many other places which we just didn’t have the “time“ to see.

People who never flew on Concorde, who never appreciated Concorde can’t understand what this plane really was and what it could really do......... They keep on putting barriers in the way like “money” and noise etc.

Bottom line is thanks to Concorde I got to New York in 3 ½ hrs, thanks to Concorde I lived the dream, flew at twice the speed of sound and experienced things I only dreamed of in the past.

New York was unbelievable it was the first time I had ever been to America and flying on Concorde was the most stylish way to fly to there on a first visit. America and New York felt very warm and welcoming the whole place was buzzing and was electric.

While Sparky and I walked around the various streets it reminded me of a lot of films I had seen at home like Ghost buster, Home Alone,  French Connection, Wall Street, Saturday Night Fever etc. I bet New York must look wonderful, romantic and Christmassy when its snowing.

London is a nice place and I love my home’s capital city but the “touristy“ places are pretty small, Generally its from the Thames Barrier in London Docklands to the Houses of Parliament near Westminster Tube station.

You can walk from Tower Bridge to the Houses of Parliament in under an hour, in New York the whole place is huge, Next to London, New York is like a small country as you need to get taxis or trains to get any where fast.