Trip Report

5pm time to go home

Getting the Taxi to JFK

Most of them just roodly drove off, others lied said


Oh were ….. errrrrr “off duty“ and heading back to base.

This was extremely frustrating and annoying it was a total load of bull and as cab drivers in New York can’t refuse a cab fair.

Sparky said


The reason why these guys behave like this is because its the rush hour and getting to JFK will be a real pain to due the huge traffic jams around the roads going there.

I understood about rush hour traffic as in Romford between 5 and 6pm all the roads leading out of Romford get grid locked and are packed full of drivers wanting to go home so between those times its impossible to go any where fast.

Sparky looked at his watch and said in a worried and anxious voice


We need to get to JFK soon as our flight will leave at 7pm.

Unlike Concorde which takes 3 1/2 hours to get home it takes a SLOW  fat 747 double the time to make the same journey. We where not flying home on Concorde (as the last Concorde flight home left New York at 10.30am), we where flying home on a  SLOW  747 so I understood how Sparky felt.

In the UK we both had commitments to keep so we had to get home by the morning of the 23rd Oct 2003, we couldn’t afford to miss our flight home.

It was 5.20pm and no cabs where stopping or willing to take us to JFK, we kept our cool but we did get very frustrated and worried about the situation. In the end we both looked at our watches and felt enough was enough and decided to head back to the hotel to get help as time was ticking by faster and faster.

Every minute we spent waiting for cab was another minute lost as we didn’t know how long the journey would take or how much of delay we would experience so there was a real chance that we could have missed the flight home because of a missed cab.

We went back to the hotel Sparky spoke to a middle aged coloured hotel manageress and explained the situation to her, She was very sympathetic and understood how we felt, she was annoyed at the cab drivers attitude towards us, in a very annoyed and angry voice she said


Cab drivers in New York can’t refuse a fare, they simply can’t do that as that’s

against the law, they should have stopped and taken you to JFK.

We replied


We where standing at the corner of Seventh Avenue / 53rd Street for 20 minutes, every time we hailed a cab, the cab stopped but when we said we wanted to go to JFK they either refused or said they had suddenly gone off duty or their cab had suddenly developed a fault and they had to go back to base to get their cab fixed.

She sympathetically said


Don’t worry I’ll come with you to the corner of Seventh Avenue / 53rd street and I’ll get you cab to the airport.

We grabbed our heavy bags and our hotel manageress walked with us back to the corner of Seventh Avenue / 53rd Street.

Above is the view across the road we saw while we waited for the cab to JFK….<Right click> on the photo to see the whole area around us.

 Boeing 747