Trip Report

5pm time to go home

Getting the Taxi to JFK

After spending 24hrs in New York and having brilliant time, it was unfortunately time to go home. After sight seeing, doing  a bit of shopping and getting a bite to eat we got a taxi back to our hotel. We got out at the corner of  Seventh Avenue / 53rd street .

We got out of the taxi and walked back to the hotel, we went the cloak room and got our bags.

Outside the cloak room Sparky said


Jet wait here I’ll be back in few minuets as I’ve got go to toilet.

I replied


No worries.

And stood there over our bags and waiting while Sparky walked to the men’s toilet near the cloak room.

As I stood there looking and waiting I looked around the lobby trying to take in absorb the last moments and the last morsels of our stay…… It was quite people where walking around the lobby area, some going to the reception desk and checking in, others walking to the lifts, while others walked in and out of the hotel doors.

I didn’t want these moments to end as I was still having so much fun, I was very happy, content and care free here as I didn’t have any worries of job hunting or in my private life I didn’t have any worries ……….

While I waited for Sparky I wished I could have put the everything from 21 - 22 Oct 2003 including my Concorde flight in to a bottle and taken it home with me as I did want this time to end.........

Looking back while I was in the lobby waiting for Sparky I wish I’d got the camcorder and EOS 3 to record these last moments but at the time everything was safely packed away  and was to much hassle to unpack.

5 minutes later Sparky came back freshened up and ready to go but my bladder started going mad so I had to go to the men’s room as well as I didn’t want cross my legs on our way to JFK.

When I came back I had one last look at the lobby area, at 5pm we both grabbed our heavy bags and for one last time finally walked out of our hotel’s front doors.

I felt sad that we had to leave…..sad that it was nearly all over and sad that I would have to go home as in the last 24 hours I had more happiness, more joy and more fun then I have ever had in my entire life….. I had done things (flown on Concorde at mach 2) which even days before my flight I had only dreamed of doing, I had a best time of my entire life.

When we got out of the hotel I tried to carry my bag but because of all the things in it my bag was extremely heavy, the handles where made of nylon as thick as a 2 sheets of paper……these handles dug right in to the flesh of my right hand after a few seconds the pain was intolerable.

It hurt so much I had to put the bag down and carry it with my other hand but the same thing happened to that hand, so in the end I dragged my over the foot path.

Sparky and I walked to the corner of  Seventh Avenue /53rd Street it was 5.05pm and the street was full people leaving their offices and places of work to go home.

The road was full of cars, cabs, buses, trucks and lorries going in different directions with some beeping horns to each other…..The air smelled and tasted of a mixture of  Diesel, petrol and cooked hamburgers.

As we stood on the corner of  Seventh Avenue / 53rd Street we tried to get a taxi to JFK……We stood there for 10-15 minutes hailing cabs, some stopped, others didn’t, the ones which stopped asked


Where do want to go ?

When we replied


       We want to go to JFK.