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Concorde Ferry Flights

4 weeks after the last commercial flight of Concorde ended on 24 Oct 2003,  I was at Heathrow and watched 5 out of the 7 Concordes leave under  their own power .........

The remaining 2  (G-BOAA and G-BOAB) had other  things planned for them, G-BOAB stayed at Heathrow but G-BOAA was cut up in to pieces and transported to Scotland by road and sea (as it could not fly out of Heathrow).

Witnessing the final moments of Concorde was an extremely sad and emotional time as Concorde had been part of my life for 27 years (from  6 year old boy hood to being a 35 year old man).

Over this time I’d seen all 7 Concordes fly countless times and return home (Heathrow Airport) safely. But now for each Concorde it was the last and final time they’d leave Heathrow for their new homes in far off places, it was the last time they would move under their own power and fly faster than the speed of sound.

It was an extremely sad time, but felt I had to be at Heathrow to witness and take pictures of this (as I knew this would never happen again).  After each take off I noted down what happened, on this website I wanted to share with you the events of the time, of what happened in “real life“.


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