Trip Report

Walking to arrivals

We finally did it

As we stood on our own, two good friends in New York we both realised Sparky and the others had succeeded in doing the impossible (getting me on Concorde, getting me safely to New York with Sparky 1st meeting me in London and then flying 7 hrs a head of me to meet me at JFK - New  York after my flight).

I was still on a high, me and Sparky got our bags , but sparky had to go to the men’s room so I waited out in arrivals area and stood by our suit cases thinking


         I just flew on Concorde, I just flew on Concorde yipeeeeeeee.

When he came back I went straight to the sweet shop as for 3 1/2 hrs I had not had any Mars Bars or chocolate bars ………… doh.

I got a bottle of mineral water but I didn’t see any Mars bars so I didn’t take the risk of getting any American chocolates in case I got ill.

We walked outside the terminal and I got my first very taste of New York’s air. As we stood outside the terminal Sparky was buzzing with happiness, he lit a cigarette and we started chatting about the flight.

In his London accent Sparky was in a very very good mood, he laughed  and said


I can’t believe that this really happened what a crack ….. what a crack this is.

He said while he was in the men’s room he saw my pilots, they chatted with Sparky and happily

said :-

  We have never seen any one as happy and as enthusiastic as Jetinder.  

Sparky told them about how Concorde SST had helped me live the dream, they all said to sparky


Jetinder’s got good friends and you’ve had value for money.

They all happily laughed before they got changed and left JFK for their respective hotels.

By now the sky was starting to darken and turn a purply, navy blue colour, I had in effect just seen my 2nd sunset of the day ……… in 4 hrs I had seen 2 sets and a sunrise wow this was unreal as I had never experienced this in my entire life.

After Sparky had finished his cigarette we grabbed our bags and walked across a zebra crossing, I was expecting us to get a bus or a train from JFK to New York but we walked over to a place where you get cabs from, I thought


  mmmmmmmm very posh.

To me getting a cab is a luxury because next to public transport cabs are very expensive, at home I never get cabs I always got the train or night buses to get me home simply because its cheaper than a cab.

When we got to where you get cabs I saw a tall bold headed guy from my flight, I said hi to him but he ignored me ……… I felt a bit upset when he ignored me but I thought


If you don’t want to say hi to me fine I don’t care,  I aint gonna let you spoil my happiness, be Mr Grumpy I don’t care.  

Sparky and I waited for a cab, while we waited for the cab I looked around and saw huge shiny stainless steel buses being driven around, these buses where 1 ½ times bigger than the ones in London, god they where big.

Sparky said


In America they drive on the wrong side of the road here.

So all the rules and the green cross code I learned as child in crossing roads at home had to be reversed.

While we waited for the cab, he phoned and spoke to Mr Sparky, I spoke to spoke to Mrs Sparky and thanked her for all the help she had given me.

Mrs Sparky happily asked me


How are you ?

I replied


I’m on cloud 9 and happier then I’ve ever been.

We both laughed with utter utter joy and happiness, I could not stop smiling and laughing, I was so so so happy that I had flown on Concorde and “lived the dream”. I was happier then I’ve ever ever been in my whole life and I was like balloon full of helium ready to float away I was that happy, my feet didn’t feel like they where touching the ground I felt like I was floating on a sea of happiness.....................

Sparky had to some how mentally hold me down to stop me floating away I was that happy it was brilliant,brilliant, brilliant then I gave the phone back to Sparky,  he chatted to her afterwards and said


 Jet’s on cloud 60,000 ft and I’ll have to some how stop in floating away.

Sparky was right ...........I was happier than any one can ever imagine.

It was  brilliant to talk to Mrs Sparky, I wished all my friends inc Mrs Sparky had been with me in New York to share this moment with me.

After the phone call I calmed down a bit and we hailed a yellow New York cab.

And it was huge, I guess it was the size of  1999 Ford Granada it was that big …….. it was massive and I’m sure I could have got a double bed in the back.

I was expecting a 1950’s yellow cab.

But in 2003 the cabs at JFK where modern