Trip Report

Left - Right, Pretty stewardess, Co Pilot James Bedforth, Captain Andy Mills, Me and a pretty Stewardess laughing next to me

He also gave me 2 rolls of professional 36 exposure Kodak ASA400 film (which I never got the chance to use on Concorde but which I still have now).

Last Goodbyes

Flying Dutchman’s relatives took a group photo of  us all


Left – Right Bagel man, flying Dutchman, me and Sparky

After the photo was taken Bagelman had to get his flight to the UK it was sad that he had to but I understood, after Bagelman left we chatted to Flying Dutchman and his family but they also had to leave  I was sad to see him go as well but it was also great to see him.

In Dutch American accent Flying Dutchman said


Jet when you see Rainbow Warrior pass my best wishes on to him.

I replied


         I’ll do that


We all shook hands,  He said


Its been really great to see, you I’ve really enjoyed meeting you and we will keep in touch.

Then flying Dutchman and his family left.