Trip Report

My passport stamped after my flight at JFK Airport - New York

But the ones at JFK where silver (made of stainless steel) and had blue bands going across to each other instead of red bands.

Seeing a friendly  face

I walked past all these then I saw Sparky in the distance.

He happily waved at me, in a loud joyful and happy voice I shouted



I think all of New York heard that but I didn’t care as it was brilliant to see him.

Last time I’d seen him was at Heathrow at 1pm but now 10 hrs later  after I’d flown to New York on Concorde and after he had flown 7 hours a head of me on a SLOW 747  Sparky was here at JFK waiting to greet me.

It was strange a feeling as 10 hrs earlier we’d both been in London at Heathrow,  but now 10 hrs later (after getting on separate flights) we where both in New York...........

Seeing Sparky was a wonderful site as I was in a strange new country and a strange new city where I didn’t know any one and I didn’t know any of the local customs or etiquette but seeing Sparky made me feel at home and I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable as it was good to see a friendly face.