Trip Report

Peter Carrigan - Engineering Officer, me and James Bedforth - Co-Pilot

Wished I could have stayed there for longer but it was suddenly all over ………  I thanked all the pilots for their time in seeing me and in a wonderful flight, I shook hands with them and then sadly walked out of the flight deck of my Concorde – G-BOAD forever.

My Concorde flight was finally over but it was the best and happiest time of my entire life :-)

On my way out I looked at my watch and thought


Oh oh Sparky must be waiting for me.

As left G-BOAD for the very last time I thanked the stewardess for a brilliant flight but apart from Martine Bell I didn’t know who the other stewardesses where.

Then I walked through her door way and left her forever…..I loved her with all my heart and soul and as I walked past her door I patted G-BOAD’s door to say one last good bye to her……I took one last loving look at her and then walked a way from her with  my heart full of sadness that my flight was really over and I knew I’d never fly on G-BOAD let alone on any other Concorde again…....I was also sad as I knew by the end of the week G-BOAD and her sister Concordes would never carry passengers and would soon be grounded for life….There where a lot of emotions to deal with at the same time…..

Despite this bit of sadness overall I was on cloud 9….. The flight was the  most exciting, the most thrilling and the most most happiest experience of  my whole life and I’d finally “lived the dream”..… :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Visiting the Flight Deck

On the Flight Deck

When I got in to the flight deck I shook hands with all my pilots, I met 3 pilots Peter Carrigan (Engineering Officer), James Bedforth (co pilot & Senior Flight Officer) and Robert Woodcock (Engineering Officer)

I thanked them all for a brilliant flight, I mentioned to them how this flight was a dream come true, how I had been chasing Concorde at Heathrow for 27 years, never expected to fly on her and how my friends on Concorde SST had made the dream real.

James happily said


Are you Jet ?

I nervously, shyly and with giggles replied


How do you know ?

and I started laughing.

James happily said


I saw you on ConcordeSST ……

I thought :-  ……. doh he must know how I feel about Airbus and we all cracked up laughing.

I was very flattered that James had recognised me and I knew I must be famous for the co-pilot of my flight to recognise me out of the other 91 passengers aboard our flight, I was really flattered by this.

We all chatted for a while (and it was wonderful), I took a few photos of the crew and with my camera Robert took the photos you see


The dials and switches show the settings G-BOAD had after we landed and  parked at JFK.

James Bedforth  -  Co-Pilot. Robert Woodcock -  Engineering Officer

Peter Carrigan


Engineering Officer