Trip Report

Me and Captain Andy Mills shaking hands after the flight

I gave Captain Mills my flight certificate, he sent it back in to Concorde and all the crew signed it.

My flight Concorde certificate signed by all my crew

Then it was my turn to go in to the cockpit and to see the pilots, I shook hands and thanked Captain Mills for the flight and taking the time to see me.

As I walked back in to Concorde the sadness of never flying on her in the future had gone,  I was very excited, happy and truly thrilled to see the other people who flew me safely  to New York and walked in to flight deck with my EOS 3 camera……As I was walking in there the other people who had gone in there before me where coming out of the flight deck with signed copies of a Concorde book and signed Concorde certificates.

I wanted to get a Concorde book and get it signed by my crew but I simply couldn’t afford it so I left it..

Visiting the Flight Deck

In the corridore

Captain Mills happily said


I gave this card to one of the stewardesses who was meant to give it to you, inviting you to the flight deck after we had landed in New York.

When he gave me the card I felt extremely honoured and lucky, I felt very privileged to know that the Captain of my flight thought so much to personally invite me to the flight deck in New York, to me this was a very very special invitation to visit the flight deck of my world record braking Concorde by my Captain and knowing this was a fantastic and happy feeling.

While all this was happening Concorde ground staff at JFK took photos of me and Captain Mills shaking hands