Trip Report

My Captain Andy Mills counting number of passengers in the queue with his left hand’s first finger

Visiting the Flight Deck

In the corridore

In front of me 3 more huge coloured American security guards in the corridor with guns on their belts, I thought  :-

Oh oh ........ if I brake wind now they will blow my backside off as they may think its bomb going off …….

The New York British Airways staff and security guards said (in a New York American accent)


Will all passengers wishing to visit the flight deck please leave all your bags and belongings in the corridor but please make sure you have your cameras and flight certificates ready for the crew.

When I heard this at first I was a bit worried as I didn’t want to leave any of my things in the corridor as I was scared of them being stolen but I trusted British Airways staff and security as I knew they where saying it for our own good so I got my EOS 3 camera and a roll of spare film,  put the rest of the bags safely in one place next to the wall of the corridor (so that nothing would drop out) then continued queue up and wait.

There was a tall dark haired 6’5ft 20 some thing French man in front of me (I think he was the was the same guy who asked me to take a photo of him next to the mach meters while we where flying at mach 2)…he suddenly stepped out of the queue rather than me moving in to his place I made sure that no one nicked his place so I stood between my space and his space in the queue.

He came over to me speaking in an English with very strong hint of a French accent  said


I would like to errr have eerrr my photo taken in front of  Concorde.

And gave me his small digital camera.

He said


       Will you errrrrrr take photo of me and errrrr Concorde ?

I happily replied


       No worries mate ….. lets go (and take the photo).

I went with him to the front of the queue where Concorde was quietly waiting and took his photo, he looked at the photo in his camera’s LCD screen but wanted another one taken so that’s what did.

He looked at both photos and said with a smile


Thank you

I replied


Pleasure, enjoy your photos

Then we walked back to our places in the que and continued to wait …….. While I was waiting some of my friends on had logged on to BA's website and saw what time my flight had landed at JFK.

Above is a picture from one of my friends computer screen of BA's website showing when my flight landed.

After a waiting for a while I finally got to the front door of Concorde, the French man walked in to Concorde and spent a long time in cockpit.

I patently waited ………and waited ……… and waited …… when I got the front of the queue I was the 2nd from last passengers there....... In front of every one I hugged and kissed the front door of Concorde, people laughed and smiled but I didn’t care as I loved Concorde then I continued to wait.

The crew where still very busy tidying up the plane and making sure all was ok, my captain (Andy Mills) came out to see how many people where left to see the cockpit and counted them with his left hands finger.