Trip Report

Visiting the Flight Deck

In the Cabin

I knew before I saw Sparky I had to get flight deck photos of me and the crew, I had to get my supersonic flight certificate signed by the whole crew ………. I had to get this done at all cost.

When I got to the door, I looked at how thick the door was (I guess it was 1-2 feet thick), I looked out of the door, with my own eyes I saw my first glimpse of America and saw two 6.4ft tall black American police officers standing opposite the door.

I looked to my right and saw a long huge queue of my passengers including Jonathan Beddoes and Frank waiting to get in to the cockpit, I took a deep breath walked on to the gang way and out of G-BOAD forever, I was gutted that this was it……..that  this was really end of my flight and now it was all over, I was gutted by it.

Although I knew in few minutes time I was going to visit the flight deck of G-BOAD I wasn’t  going to do it now while I was still on the plane as to me not stepping out of G-BOAD meant I was still on my flight. From the 1st seconds of stepping on to  G-BOAD at Heathrow to the last seconds of leaving G-BOAD at JFK this to me was my entire flight.

But when I stepped out of G-BOAD left the plane and came back in this was like another chapter, like another point of my life and not the same chapter I’d been continuously in since I’d left Heathrow so I was a bit sad.

However after I left G-BOAD I was suddenly very thrilled and very very excited that I had flown on Concorde at mach 2 for 3 ½ hours and that I had lived the dream.

I was excited to see America,  excited that I was in New York, excited to meet the pilots and the crew, excited to know I would see Sparky who had travelled to New York 7 hours ahead of me on Mr Blobby the fat porky 747 all this just suddenly hit me like bolt out of the blue.

It was getting late, I felt a bit tired and I was a bit worried that Sparky would wonder where am I, but I knew I had to see the crew, get those photos and get the flight certificate signed.

When I finally stepped out of the door on to the gang way it felt springy, I walked ¼ of the way down the beige, grey corridor to the back of long queue and  waited …….. and waited …………….. and waited.

While I waited in the queue to see the see my pilots I saw Jonathan Beddoes, he is around the same age as me and is really nice guy and it was great to see him. While we waited in the queue we both happily chatted, he showed me his flight certificate and said


   I’ve just got all the crew to sign my certificate.

In the corridore

I happily replied


You jammy person, I’d love to have mine (my flight certificate) signed by all the crew as well

Note :-

             Jammy is an Essex and London slang word for a VERY lucky person.

Jonathon and I chatted about other things including what I was gonna do in New York, who I was gonna meet, how long I was staying and would I be back for the 24th October 2003 to see the last Concorde’s land at Heathrow.

I happily said


I’m going to meet Sparky. The plan was for us to meet at Heathrow at midday after that Sparky got on Cartman the slow 747 and flew out to New York 7 hours at head of me so he could meet me here after I flew out on Concorde 7 hours after he left Heathrow. Once I’ve met Sparky the plan is to spend a day here quickly see New York with a few friends, take a few photos and go back home on a slow 747.

Jonathan was happy and amazed at how Sparky had flown out 7 hours a head of me from Heathrow to meet me in here in New York he said he was going to do some thing similar and fly back home to see Concorde’s final landings.

In a Queue waiting for people for the flight deck visit, on the right people coming out of Concorde after flight deck visit.