G-BOAA P1 - page 1-AM G-BOAA P2 - page 1-AM G-BOAA - video

G-BOAA was the only Concorde to leave Heathrow by road and river.

On 3 April 2004 she left Heathrow by road and was taken to the river Thames where she was loaded on to a barge.

On  13 April 2004 she went down Thames and on to Scotland where she now lives at the NMS

On both occasions I was there to witnesses the events that took place and took photos of the whole thing.

I decided to split the report in two parts


• Part 1 = 3 April 2004

• Part 2 = 13 April 2004

and included video taken of G-BOAA in the hanger at Heathrow Airport in 2003.

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