Trip Report

Concorde landing as her back wheels hit the ground

they had steam coming off them

After the back wheels where on the ground a few seconds later the nose wheel came down  and we felt another gentler thud …….. we had landed on all 3 under carriages and where on the ground my dream flight was finally over.

I had travelled 3500 miles, flown across the huge North Atlantic Ocean in 3 ½ hours at twice the speed of sound, that was just amazing as 100 years ago it took man 1-2 weeks to go across the Atlantic before Concorde it could take any where from 8 – 24 hrs depending on which plane flew you to America, but on Concorde it took just 3 ½ hours ………. Wow that was just amazing.

The local time in New York was 5.36pm in London it was 10.36pm.

The fun and games where not over yet because a few seconds after we landed Concorde hit reverse thrust ……… the plane slowed down very very rapidly from 180 mph to I guess walking pace within a few feet.

When this happened the engine sound rapidly  increased and got very loud similar to the sound on take off (as the pilots put the engines in reverse thrust = high powered brakes).

In a split second I was suddenly and very rapidly pushed forward in my seat……I could feel a lot of G-force on my body pulling me forward very very hard and trying to get me out of my seat.

While this was happening I suddenly felt my seat belt being thrust rapidly and hard in to my stomach… back quickly arched forward, my arms and hands where being pulled very rapidly forward but my legs where ok as my feet where on the foot rest where pushing my bum back in to my seat all this only lasted around 10 seconds …… wow what a ride, what a ride corrrrrrrrrrrrrr what a girl she really did make the earth move for me :-)

After we’d slowed down every one on G-BOAD (our Concorde) started cheering and clapping loudly…… Some people blew loud whistles it was great atmosphere, every one did this to show their appreciation of the fun we just had and to the crew for making it a very very memorable, brilliant and extremely happy experience.

(Not to scale) Engine going from normal thrust

in to reverse thrust

(press F5 to see this animation again )

Landing at JFK

In the Cabin

When we felt the first bump I told her how there will be steam coming off her wheels now and I said how I had taken countless photos of her doing this.

Animation of my Concorde landing at JFK on runway 22R

 and taxiing to BA’s Terminal .

(If you need to see this animation again press F5)

This is the actual sound of people on my flight whistling, clapping and cheering after we just landed.