Trip Report

Landing at JFK

In the Cabin

I was very relaxed and was very happily chatting to the stewardess about things,  I looked out of the window and saw the Air traffic control tower at JFK…..While we where chatting I could still feel the sinking feeling but now it was much slower and gentler than before as we continued to chat I briefly looked out of the window and saw a long thin green strip of grass with long thin strip of black tarmac in front of it.

The ground was rapidly getting closer and closer then I felt a slight bump followed by a slightly harder and bigger thud, We had landed but it didn’t feel like we had landed as it was so so so smooth.

On the Ryan Air 737-200 it was violent compared to Concorde’s landing and I had to hold on for dear life on Ryan Air but on Concorde no way ……. It was as smooth as glass and very gentle

My Concorde landing at JFK

Video of  cabin activity and view from  a window as we came in to land

taken by my friend J Beddoes

Video of  view from a window as we came in to land taken by a passenger called Frank (who was many rows in front of my seat)