Trip Report

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View of JFK from 2000 ft

View of the end of runway 22 Right from 200 ft

Decelerating - Mach 2  Subsonic

In the Cabin

While we where chatting, I had the camcorder on and I was recording what was happening in the cabin, I turned the camcorder round to film my face and told the video diary


I’m not going to record the conversation which me and the stewardess have had as his is a personal between me and her and I don’t want the world knowing what she had said to me.

I turned the camcorder off and we continued to chat.

The stewardess and I talked about other things but true to my word I aint saying any thing else about what we chatted about as I am gentleman and not a 2 faced back stabber.

The tannoy went big bong, the same stewardesses came back on tannoy and said


Now put your seat belts on while we prepare to land…………………


As we neared the end of our journey I looked out of my window the sky was now a dull medium greyish beige colour and the wings looked like their normal white colour. We flew over Shark river hills, Long Branch, Ocean park way, Massapequa lake and countless other land marks and districts which peppered the North Atlantic shores of New York’s coast line.

I saw more beige islands and beige pools of water under us as we neared JFK

I saw tall skyscrapers and other buildings which looked small like toy models under us, I tried to identify what they where but I couldn’t and didn’t want to waste my time in doing that as I wanted to enjoy the last moments of my flight.

As we reached the out skirts of JFK we where heading towards JFK’s runway 22R.

       Runway 22 Right (22R) at JFK

Google map of JFK