Trip Report

560 mph on a jumbo jet or “New” Airbus A380 is its top speed but on Concorde it wasn’t, it was half of Concorde’s cruising speed so the plane felt “slow” and sluggish.........

As where slowing down the engine noise and the noise of air rushing past Concorde continued to became less and less than it was on take off and at mach 2……I tried to video more cabin activity and announcements but before I could do this tape 1 in my camcorder had just run out so replaced it with tape 2 of my flight and continued to record the rest of my flight.

I got my camcorder out and made an entry in my video diary


Me talking to my video dairy at 560 mph.

I said


Ok …….. Progress report ….. we’ve now descended to 560 miles per hour and slowly going down ………. It feels like we’re in a slow lift …….. the sensation feels like your in a lift ……… errr the only way to describe it is if you work in canary wharf and you get a lift ……. It feels like your gently going down and where slowly decelerating …….

At mach 2 she felt very solid ……. Now errrrrrr … I’m not saying she feels bad, she still feels great but at mach 2 you could feel slightly weightless …….. my feet felt partly weightless …….

I know a lot of people haven’t experienced what I’ve experience but that sensation was absolutely out of this world ……… my ears are gonna pop as we are descending in altitude gradually ….. oh sod it I’m gonna  run out of tape  …………….

Decelerating - Mach 2  Subsonic

In the Cabin

Martin Belle – Stewardess said the following on the tannoy


We will shortly be arriving in New York,  please return to your seats and check your seat belts are firmly fastened.  

Please also make sure that the back of your seat is upright, the arm rest back down, your table is folded away and your hand baggage is neatly stowed under the seats in front of you or in the over head lockers thank you.

I made sure all my bags where safely stowed under the seat in front of me.

A few minutes later one of the stewardesses said the following on tannoy


Ladies and gentlemen we do apologise for being unable to see the whole cabin with the Concorde selection gifts.

However we will keep the bar open on arrival when we get to JFK, so any body who wishes to purchase any thing please do not hesitate to come through the aircraft as the aircraft is standing with seat belt signs switched on and also we will be popping by with your orders in advance.

Once again thank you we do apologise for not being able to get through the whole aircraft we’ve just been very busy with serving thank you.

The stewardesses where still running around, those poor girls has not stopped for the entire flight, they where working very very very hard and I felt sorry for them.