Trip Report

(Right) - Concorde celebration Magazine                            from my flight. I video’d more cabin activity and announcements. :-

Decelerating - Mach 2  Subsonic

In the Cabin

I felt us gently going down (like in a lift)….. I looked out of my window, the sparkly bright blue and turquoise sky I’d seen a few minutes ago had now turned a bit flatter and duller blue


View just after we went below mach 2

The sound of the engines had changed for a loud, strong comforting and very confident roar of supersonic flight down to a duller “slowing down” tone, the sound of the air rushing past us got less than it was at mach 2.

I could feel a very smooth, very gentle and very slow deceleration. I looked at the mach meters and watched how we slowly and gently reduced speed from mach 2 …… mach 1.95 ………. mach 1.9 ………. mach 1.85 and  slowly counting down.

The tannoy went bing bong and the stewardess said


Ladies and gentlemen as you will have noticed the captain has now switched on the overhead fasten seat belt signs, could I ask you to return to your seats and fasten your seat belts securely thank you.........

As we continued to decelerate we went below the speed the sound (mach 1), I looked at my watch and it was reading 22.30 (10.30pm) UK time….. I realised that we must be near America and near New York that’s why we must be slowing down,  so I switched my watch’s dual time feature to New York so it showed New York time 17.30 (5.30pm)

As we where nearing the end of our flight and nearing the end of my dream and magical journey the mood of the plane changed it now felt a bit sad like we knew it was all going to be over soon. We heard more roomers that for 2 stewardesses this would be their last ever flight on Concorde and with British Airways I felt sad for them.

But I was still over the  moon at being on Concorde and flying at mach 2 for 2 hours yipeeeeeeeeeeee, yahoooooooooo……… as we decelerated I talked to a few stewardesses (in a normal way) and I admit I did fancy 1 or 2 of them but I ain’t saying who.

At first when I tried to talk to them first thing they all said (in a happy joking voice) was  


Sorry I’m married.

and in a split second I thought


       Doh .............................

The aim was never to chat up the stewardesses and win their hearts (as I knew I never had any chance), I just wanted to talk to them (in a normal way) and see the person behind the “BA uniform” who was skilled enough to have Concorde and mach 2 flight as their “daily work place”...... Wow thats a place to work in. :-)

During the decent the plane didn’t feel as silky smooth or as agile as she did when where at 58,000 ft and mach 2……The stewardesses where still working very hard but now they where going round with their clipboards and half a dozen green catalogues asking people if they wanted to buy gifts from the Concorde gift catalogue.