Trip Report

Front  Trim


Transferring fuel from rear fuel tank to forward fuel tanks

during our deceleration.

 And we started to gently decelerate…………

As we slowed down the center of gravity slowly and gently moved forward from the back of Concorde to the middle of Concorde  


= Lift above Concorde

= Gravity below Concorde

While Peter transferred fuel from the back of Concorde to the front (to balance Concorde’s gravity), I was expecting to feel the plane lurch forward a bit, I was expecting to hear a gurgling, groaning sound, I was expecting to feel the pipes under my feet to vibrate as the fuel was transferred through them.  

Decelerating - Mach 2  Subsonic

Live Tracking Data - Jetinder

Below is a sample of  tracking data of my flight taken by friends from around 30 minutes before I landed, by the time this data was taken Sparky had already landed at JFK, I think he landed at around 4.35pm New York time and was waiting for me.


Jetinder at Point A (South of Newfoundland)

at 16:15 EDT (22:15 UK time)

Jetinder at Point B (South of Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

at 16:51 EDT (21:51 UK Time)

Time to get from A to B: 36 minutes

The nose and visor was moved from supersonic to subsonic flight position


(Press F5 to repeat animation)