Trip Report

Supersonic Loo

In the Cabin

After our chat he gave me his card and went back to his seat, my bladder suddenly started screaming and I thought :-

             Right I must visit the loo to have a “ supersonic slash “

            (That’s Essex slang for going to the toilet and urinating and mach 2)

As I made my way back to the centre of Concorde there was a queue for the loo ……. Doh

Queue for the loo at mach 2

It was funny to think that even flying at twice the speed of sound people still had to queue up to do the bodily functions they had to do.

When I finally got to the loo it was a relief, I looked at the loo, the loo door was made of light grey patterned chipboard which I guess was 1 cm thick.

On Concorde I was expecting a loo door made of some exotic hi tech material like Kevlar, Aluminium or moulded plastic to emphasis Concorde’s  “ hi-tech, speed and space age”  design,  but nope the loo door was made of good old chip board the same stuff people use in flat pack cupboards and furniture.

The loo door was split vertically in 2 and so opened in concertina type fashion, It was hard to get in to the loo as the split door opening was very slim, I ain’t fat just large chested but I had a bit of difficulty getting in face on so I turned side ways and squeezed through the door, when I got in thought mmmmmmm ………this ain’t bad.

The loo  was well made and well designed, I thought


Now I got to get my self one of these when I get home for my bathroom as the loo design is simple functional and great.

Concorde’s supersonic loo

The loo didn’t smell of any pongy stinky  “ human “ smells, it smelled of roses and citrus fruit which was nice.

At mach 2 I did go and I guess that was physically the longest and fastest slash (passing water) in my family’s entire history as in the time I was having a slash I guess we had covered around 46 miles in 2 minutes (at Mach 2 Concorde covered 23 miles per min).

After that I flushed the loo, the loo made a huge sucking gurgling sound.

I started to wash my hands, the sink was made of polished white marble, with 4-5 thin cracked looking streaks of beige, wow this is luxury but it was tiny and I could barely fit one of my hands in it, it was that small. On the shelf in front of the mirror there was a bowl of nice smelling flowers, a bottle of very expensive aftershave smelling hand wash soap and a box of white tissues that was a great touch.

The water coming from taps wasn’t a huge amount the taps felt more like a baby’s shower rather than taps we have on the ground, but the amount of water coming from the Concorde taps was enough for me to thoroughly wash my hands and keep them clean.

While washing my hands I looked in the mirror and looked at my face, I stared in to my deep brown eyes and a few times smiled and quietly said  to my self


You are really here, you are really flying on Concorde at mach 2

I still couldn’t believe I was here but I really was here and I really was flying at twice the speed of sound      

Before I went out of the loo I made sure I was ok and that I had all my things. Once I was sure  I opened the door, walked out in to the centre part of Concorde and gently bumped in to the girl from Essex who I had spoken to in the Concorde lounge.

I said


Sorry I didn’t mean to do that.

She happily replied


Its ok………

It was great to see her, we had a nice chat about the flight I wanted to have a longer  chat with her and her husband (as they are really nice people)  but the isle was getting crowded, more people wanted to use the loo.

We both happily said


    We’ll talk later.

 and made our way back to our relevant seats.