Trip Report

Midday at 58,000 feet

In the Cabin

5 minutes before we where about decelerate from mach 2 down to subsonic speed, I got the camcorder out and updated the video diary.

Me talking to my video dairy just before the end

of Mach 2 flight.

I said


Ok ……. now where nearing the end of my flight ……. Were flying at mach 2 right now, we’ll be decelerating slowly down  to mach 1 down through the various different speed ranges………….

I’ve said this time and time again but I am over the moon about what’s happened today, I ‘m over the moon …………I love Concorde and I love this plane G-BOAD which is my favourite plane. ………. I’m very happy.

I hope that we can get her back one day ………… I hope we can all 5 Concorde’s back ........the plane just feels so solid …….. it feels so relaxed …… so happy ……. I just can’t believe that within the next 2 or 3 days she’s going to be scrapped ………  she’s going to be retired, she shouldn’t be as its not her time ……….

I feel ……….. sad and helpless that this journey is coming to an end,  but I’ve been very very happy on the flight ………….. I know all my mates on the website said they wanted me to experience what it was like at mach 2 and sit down and think what it felt like...............

........... (last night) I actually dreamt  half an to half snap shots of minutes of the flight of just to be by my self without the camera an d to just to sit here to think wow..............

Now I’ve been on he flight it has become more and more enjoyable...............I’ve taken a lot of pictures out of the window and I’ve taken a lot of video…......... (camcorder suddenly freezes and stops) but I continue to say the flight is more and more enjoyable, I’ve loved every second of it..........

Video of me talking at mach 2 a few mins

before we decelerated from mach 2

This was my last ever entry in my video diary of me flying at mach 2 and at 58,000 ft on Concorde.

After this I took more video of what was going on out side G-BOAD and what was going on in the cabin, I got out of my seat and slowly walked up to the middle of Concorde, I wanted to walk in to the front passenger cabin to see what it was like but I didn’t know if I was allowed to do that. …….  

I didn’t want to upset the crew by doing this, I didn’t want to get told off by the stewardesses for entering the front passenger cabin with out permission, so when I got to the centre of Concorde I turned round and slowly walked back to my seat videoing what was going on.

Before I got my seat a young French man said


Can you errrrr take a photo of me next to mach meters at mach 2 ?

I happily replied


Yes where’s your camera ?

He gave me his camera, I took a photo of him.

He happily said


Thank you.

In my Essex (Del Boy) accent I replied


Your welcome monsieur

then I walked back to my seat videoing the entire walk.

Before I got to my seat a few people asked me


Can I have a look through your window ?

I happily replied


Yes sure no worries

They came over one by one kneeled on my seat and looked out at the engines, they where happy with the view and when I told them that I’d seen the afterburners on take off and on braking  the sound barrier they where amazed.

While this was going on I got my camcorder and asked the same question to the couple in seat 26A and 26B, they also allowed me to video the view from their side of the plane.

It was brilliant, on my way back to my seat a few of the passengers said this flight was this crew’s last ever flight together, I was sad to hear this as every one inc the crew where having so much fun and where extremely happy.

Finally got back in to my seat and started to get comfy.

People around me where sitting in couples, happily chatting to each other, laughing and having fun, I was on my own with no one but my BBC camcorder to really talk and chat to……I wasn’t lonely as the stewardesses made sure I was ok, when they got time they did chat to me (that was really nice of them).

Over all I was having the time of my life and loving every single minute of my flight as I was flying “Concorde”.

For most of my flight I sat there looking out of my window and looking around the part of Concorde I was sitting in as I wanted to absorb and take in as much of this  fantastic, thrilling experience…..I wanted to absorb and take in as much of this fantastic plane as I could because I knew that I’d never do this again and I knew I’d never fly on Concorde again so I had to make the most of the time I had in her flying at twice the speed of sound