Trip Report

Midday at 58,000 feet

In the Cabin - 4.30pm (New York time)

15 minutes later James Bedforth made an announcement


(click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

(In 20 minutes we will be decelerating slowly from mach 2 to subsonic speed), we are now near the eastern seaboard, we are going past Cape Cod, Nantucket, Boston on the right hand side.

Not scale map of  us flying past Cape Cod, Boston and Nantucket.

I don’t think there will be much of a view as there is fairly solid over cast cloud there far below us at the moment.

Should be landing in err just over an hour’s time  the local time is err eastern standard time err is just coming up to half past four now in the afternoon so we should be getting you to the gate at half past five in other words an hour before we left London ………

The process we use for the deceleration, is initially to hold the altitude and reduce power on the engines, that obviously causes a deceleration down to about 1 ½ times the speed of sound when we lower the nose and descend at a constant deceleration rate whilst loosing height at the same time all the way down to New York airport, the whole process takes about 25 minutes.

We make our approach from the airport from the south east at Kennedy and today we will be landing in a north westerly direction  which is quite good for us as it’s a fairly quick approach, err and the good bit is that after we come to the end of the roll on the ground we’ll have a short taxi in the British Airways stand……………… more about that a little bit later.

In a joking and very happy voice James said


My captain is very helpfully moving my seat now so my head is crushed up against the roof, I’m gonna have to leave you and talk to you a little later on thank you.

When I heard this I just cracked up laughing, all the crew on my flight had a sense of humour and fun, they where such a laugh, they where all working very hard and very professionally but where also having a lot of fun at the same time they sounded like a great bunch.

After James said


We are now flying over  Cape Cod, Nantucket and Boston.

I thought :- What’s that ?

I knew where Boston was as that’s where they filmed Cheers with Frazer, Norm, Carla, Sam, Coach and the others but I didn’t know what Cape Cod and Nantucket was ……..  

At first I thought :- Where’s Cape Cod ?

Then I thought


Mmmmmmmm Cape Cod must be a place where they catch good Cod fish and Nantucket must be a famous American restaurant which is bigger than Kentucky Fried Chicken …….. mmmm but never heard of in the UK ………  

I’m hungry when we land I must go to Cape Cod for a tasty Cod fish fingers and chips dinner or I may go to Nantucket get some of their tasty chicken burgers.

When James said in 20 minutes we where going to decelerate from mach 2 I felt sad as my dream of flying on Concorde at twice the speed of sound would soon be over and I would never get another chance in my life to fly on Concorde and to fly that fast……Unlike some passengers on my flight I didn’t care if we didn’t fly at 60,000ft, I was extremely extremely happy and content flying mach 2 at 58,000 ft and wished these moments could have carried on forever…..I was never happier in my life.

But back to reality, I looked on the bright side saw we still had 20 minutes left of mach 2 flight so I thought


 Whey hey lets party on dudes

so I sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the rest of my time flying at twice the speed of sound it was brilliant.



After I got back home to the UK I realised Cape Cod and Nantucket where actual places in America, my friends on Concorde SST also use to talk about Gander but until I looked on the map I thought


   Gander sounds like a character from Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.