Trip Report

Midday at 58,000 feet  In the Cabin

Map (not to scale) showing even though I left Heathrow 6 hours “ after “ Sparky as we neared America

I was only 54 minutes BEHIND him because I was flying at mach 2 and flying 2 ¼ times faster than

the FAT 747 so I almost caught  Sparkys 747. (Press F5 to see animation again)



= Sparkie’s 747  

= My Concorde

= Night time in Europe

= Sun’s rough position showing

        “ Midday” sun over the

                North Atlantic.

Me talking to my video dairy on Concorde

Once I had finished eating my dinner (of Chicken Caesar salad sandwich)  I started to fill in most of the US immigration forms but I was confused about 1 or 2 issues I asked the stewardess for help, they said


Sorry we will come back later to help but we are still very busy………..

I didn’t mind as I was having so much fun that I didn’t care, I just wanted the flight to carry on forever and wished it would have gone on longer like to Barbados or a round non stop Heathrow  New York and New York back to Heathrow supersonic flight…. wow that would have been fun.

The sky outside was very bright, the atmosphere on Concorde was relaxed and calm like after having dinner on Christmas day but it was more fun,  It still felt like a joyful and extremely happy party.

By now the bright light of the “midday“ sun was streaming in through our windows and it was lighting up parts of  the cabin with pure white sun light, the cabin lights didn’t really need to be switched on as it was bright enough to read a newspaper or see normally with out them.

But only 15-20 minutes earlier as we where climbing rapidly out of Heathrow in to the black sky we needed the cabin lights on but now around a 1/4 of an hour later we where in broad day light……It sounds like a weird experience but when your on Concorde it didn’t feel weird at all, it felt perfectly “normal “,  my body and my mind adjusted to automatically and instantly got use to it.


The noise of Concorde’s  air conditioning and engines was there through out the whole flight but it didn’t seem be as loud as it was when I got on her at Heathrow……I guess I got use to it, I even got use to flying at mach 2, I didn’t feel tired at all I felt like I was running on Duracell batteries.

I took a few more photos out of my window, added to my video diary