Trip Report

Sparky at Point A (Northeast of New Brunswick, Canada)

at 14:49 EDT (19:49 UK time)

Time to get from A to B: 53 minutes

Sparky at Point B (East of Boston, Massachusetts) at

15:42 EDT (20:42 UK time)

= Night time in Europe = Sun’s rough position showing         “ Midday” sun over the                  North Atlantic. Rough map of my  supersonic flight (Press F5 to see animation again) Key

Although it was 8.30pm in London, Concorde was like a “ real “ time machine as due to the time difference between London and New York we where actually going back a few hours in time because New York is 5 hours behind the UK.

As I sat in my seat flying at mach 2 I thought about the £500 I initially gave to Sparky, I thought about how hard I’d worked for that money and about how many 12 – 13 hr night shifts I had work in the past to do get that money. I now thought all that hard work has paid off as that £500 which I worked so hard for is now paying off and I’m having the time of my life up here at mach 2.

The stewardesses where still running around and working extremely hard, they where doing things like handing out drinks, Concorde gift catalogues, forms for those gifts and 2 (green and white) US immigration forms to every Concorde passenger, I was amazed at how hard the girls really worked.

Live Tracking Data - Sparky

While Sparky and I where flying to New York unknown to us some of our friends on Concorde SST where tracking both our flights and knew where we both where at any given point our flights had been tracked via the internet.

Below is a sample of that tracking data for Sparky’s flight on Cartman the 747.


Midday at 58,000 feet

In the Cabin

Just before the South East tip of Ireland we had reached mach 2, from South East tip of Ireland to around the middle of  the North Atlantic ocean we had chased the sun across the Atlantic sky and now we had finally caught up with it, this just didn’t seem real as planes like Mr Blobby the fat porky and SLOW Boeing 747 and the “new” Airbus A380 can NOT do that but in Concorde you can

Wow looking back this feels similar to how the Apollo 11 moon landing was tracked in real time by Nasa, as Nasa knew where Apollo 11 was at any point in time.

On my Concorde flight my friends on used the internet and technology of 2003 to similarly track me and Sparky so they knew (in real time) ware we where on our flights…. The technology to do this was brilliant.