This website has been split in to two separate parts


Its been designed to show people my photos and in Concorde's case my eye witness accounts of seeing Concorde and photos of Concorde.

My  interest in  photography has been around for as long as my passion  for Concorde (Over 30 years)…..When  I chased Concorde I combined my hobbies of Concorde and photography  in to one and some times took photos which where memorable, other times they where kak but you live and learn.

Apart from Concorde I've been interested in other types of photography,  at the moment I love taking Landscape photos of London and the river Thames. At sunset and at night, the place just becomes magical.

I'm slowly developing my photography skills and now experimenting with Neutral Density filters, polarising filters and multi spot metering.

All the photos where taken on either a Canon EOS 3 or Canon AE1P Program both are 35mm film SLR cameras with big zoom lenses etc…

As of June 2015 I bought my first 2nd hand Digital SLR Canon EOS 40D I bought it as I want to experiment with digital photography.

Overall unless 35mm film is phased out I'll continue to take photos on film as I like film and the Canon EOS 3 is one of the best cameras ever made, it can keep up with any digital SLR you can buy, so why throw away a good camera ?

Landscape photos

I mainly use the following setup


Concorde photos

I mainly used the following setup


    For Flying Photos

    On the Ground

Most of the time I used Tokina ATX 840 + Kenko x 1.5 for my flying photos as I only lost around 1 fstop of light……Once or twice I used Tokina ATX 840 + Kenko x 2 but I lost 2 fstops of light, so for 7pm take offs on dull / rapidly darkening days there wasn’t enough light entering the camera at 1/500th sec to justify using this.

Unlike most SLR cameras the EOS 3 has full autofocus using either Kenko x 1.5 or Kenko x 2 teleconverters.

I used Truprint film a lot (as it was cheaper than having to buy Kodak or Fuji film)…..Some times when I could afford to I use to buy Fuji ASA 800 film other times (when taking flight photos in low light) I pushed the ASA 400 by 1 stop to ASA 800 and told Truprint I done this, they use to take this in to account and correctly print the photos.

When I get the photos back from Truprint I scan them in to my PC (via my Epson 3170 scanner), digitally get rid of any scratches and then put them on here.

So although I don't have a digital SLR I have the best of both worlds.

The design of this website is like an  MS Word document (thats because I'm not " arty "  so I can't make a flashy website), but  I hope you'll enjoy this website as much as I enjoyed Concorde.

Kind Regards

Jetinder Sira

Please note


The website is still under development, parts of it have not been finished but will be updated as and when I can do it.