Trip Report

Mach 2 – yipeeeeeeeeeeee

In the Cabin

On my way back to my seat I saw a few people who I spoke to in the Concorde lounge, we chatted for a bit before I had to go.

I spoke to the 60 year old American pilot who I’d spoken to and met in the Concorde lounge….. He wanted me to take a photo of him and a very pretty blonde stewardess, he gave me his camera and I took his photo, while I was taking the photo I thought


      I wish I’d had my photo taken with her as well (as she was gorgeous) ……..

but alas (huge long sigh) it was never meant to be ……. doh ……….. then I walked down to my seat.

On my way down there I could feel  the plane suddenly vibrating, at first I thought


      We  must be feeling the shock wave from braking mach 2.

When I got to my seat I looked out of the window…….. I looked at the window pane and wings to see if could see any supersonic ripples in the sky from flying at mach 2 (like ripples when you drop a stone in a calm pond)…… they weren’t there.

The window frames looked like a humming birds wings that’s how much she was vibrating, I thought


      Oh oh she’s gonna break up, she’s gonna blow

(as I had never come across this in my life) and I started worry a bit as I didn’t know if this was normal or not.

I didn’t tell any one as I didn’t want to start a panic in the plane, Instead I kept my cool, switched the camcorder on and recorded the wings vibrating…… I thought


If the plane is going to shake it self to pieces and explode if I am going to die then this the best way for me to go …….

Doing some thing which I love the more than anything else in my life.

1-2 minutes later the vibration stopped and we where back to flying smooth as glass , I figured we had either just gone through some turbulence or a mach 2 shock wave and now that this was over we where flying normally.

I was glad Sparky and Jez had sent me on a Ryan Air 737 as I had experienced turbulence on that flight, it was a very bumpy ride on the 737 so on Concorde I was worried but I wasn’t worried enough to tell the crew as I knew turbulence was part of flying.

I was on the safest passenger plane ever made, so I chilled out and relaxed, I figured if we had problems the crew would have known about it long before us passengers and they would have done what ever they could have to correct any problems the plane had and to make sure we where all 100% safe.

I felt very very confident in British Airways, in my entire crew and pilots and above all I felt extremely confident in Concorde as I knew she would never let me down, I believed she would make sure we where all safe and I was right.

I spoke to some more people, there was a couple in the seats opposite mine (seats 26A and 26B), they said


We saw you on on TV, how did you get the ticket ?

I told them how Sparky, JezH, Starlight etc helped me out, they where happy and amazed at such generosity, after this a few more people on my flight came up to me and asked me the same thing ….

It was a strange and wonderful feeling knowing that even here flying at 58,000ft across the Atlantic ocean at twice the speed of sound on my dream machine I was (like at home) a celebrity and the most famous person on the entire plane, that felt very strange but it was also a very nice, very touching and very warm feeling.

After chatting to countless people about my how I got my ticket and my love for Concorde etc, I sipped some water and sat back in my seat, relaxed and continued to enjoy the whole experience knowing that I was finally “living the dream” of flying on Concorde at twice the speed of sound….. That this wasn’t my imagination I was really flying at Mach 2 and at 58,000 feet.

Knowing this felt so so so good and relaxed.

I looked out of the window and the sky was slowly going from dark blue, amber, orange, maroon colour  to a dark grey and finally white colour.

There weren’t any clouds near us, above us or directly below us….. There weren’t any physical features like landscapes or mountains zipping by us to roughly indicate how fast we where really going or how high we roughly where.

I never saw any thing zooming by us……It felt like we where suspended in mid air and the sky around us was changing colour but we didn’t feel like we where moving at all as there was never any physical sensation to indicate the immense speed and height we where flying at.