Trip Report

Mach 2 – yipeeeeeeeeeeee

In the Cabin

To get “above head“ videos, there wasn’t enough space for me to stand up at eye level to do it so I had to hold the camcorder above my head at full arm’s length…… After a while my left arm started to get ache because the camcorder became as heavy as a bag of sugar. (If you hold a 1 kg bag of sugar at full arms length after a while the arm starts to ache in the same way.)

When things got a bit quieter I got out of my seat and slowly strolled up the isle towards the mach  meters, because we where flying at mach 2 walking down the isle at such high speed felt like I was walking on a mattress or walking around with a pair of Doctor Martins on my feet

as I felt like I was walking on air but I wasn’t wearing Doctor Martins I was just wearing normal shoes.

I did feel a tiny bit weightless, through the soles of my feet I could actually feel atoms of air gently by very rapidly rushing by beneath me, I really felt that…… The sensation can only be described as walking on a sandy beach where your feet (through the thin soles of the flip flops) feel the grains of sand sliding underneath your feet as you walk and slide over it.

Every few seconds I felt the plane very gently and smoothly undulating (going up and down very gently) a bit like being on a ship in steady water but you can still feel the ship smoothly go up and down with the action of the waves…… as I walked to the mach meters the sensation continued and I could see a queue of people waiting to do the same thing as me.

 Queue of people waiting for mach meter photos.

So I waited and joked around with people, then I tried to get mine done, but the stewardess wanted to pass by me with a trolley of drinks so I had to walk to the mid part of Concorde where there was enough room to allow the stewardess and their trolleys to pass me.

Then I tried to go back but nope more people where having their photos taken so I gave up and went back to my seat to try later on…….. But as I tried to walk back I saw another stewardess and another trolley full of things coming towards me I thought


         doh …… how the heck do I solve this problem.

Stewardesses coming towards me with her drink’s trolley.

I turned around and walked back to the centre of the plane, when the stewardess and her trolley past me I walked back towards my seat but nope there was another stewardess and trolley coming towards me …….doh, doh.

But this time round I squeezed past the trolley by sort of climbing over a seat next to it, I said sorry to the person sitting in that seat, he said ok.

I thanked my lucky stars that I wasn’t as big as Cartman as how the heck could I have walked down the isle or squeezed past people if I had been that big…..

I bet Cartman would have said


         hey I’m not fat ……...I’m big boned

I would have told Cartman


       No Cartman you’re fat, now porky go and waddle down the isle

      and squash your seat …. LOL.