Trip Report

Stewardesses serving drinks

But I remembered what my friends on had said and I needed to get that photo of me next to the mach meters reading mach 2, I had to get that photo as there was no 2nd chance this was it.  

So I was anxious to have the photo taken a.s.a.p as I didn’t want to miss this moment but when I looked down the isle I could see the stewardess had trolley of drink being wheeled down the isle which was only as wide as the isle so there wasn’t any room to go to the mach meters while the drinks trolley was in the centre, so I chilled out, relaxed and enjoyed my flight until the activity in the cabin had reduced.

I got the camcorder out, recorded more of what was going on


and I said the following


As you can see there is still …….so many people waiting to go to the mach meters ………. Trying to get there mach 2 pictures, so I’m gonna leave it until a couple of minutes before we decelerate to get my picture next to the mach meters.

Mach 2 – yipeeeeeeeeeeee

In the Cabin

The stewardess came over and asked me to pull my table down, she put a tray on it with a white napkin and then placed a tin of caviar on it.

Caviar served on my flight – I didn’t eat it – YUCK.

I had never tasted caviar in my life but I knew it was fish eggs from a Russian fish, Months ago on TV I’d seen the fish being “ milked “ for its eggs ………. Yuck, yuck, yuck ……. that made me want to vomit so I left the caviar alone and kept it as a souvenir.

I asked the stewardess :-

                                      When will it be a good time to have my photo taken at the

                                    mach meters ?

She replied :-

Not yet as we are very busy serving drinks in the isles and don’t have room in the isle for people to do that  yet.