Last BA001

The Last BA001 Heathrow – JFK

7.30pm in BA staff carpark outside runway 27L

By now the crowds around the Hatton cross side of  the South runway had grown and where utterly huge…..All you could see was an endless wall of people, an endless sea of heads stretching as far as the eye could see…….The crowds where huge enough to block all roads and dual carriage ways around the South runway and Heathrow Police where running around trying to stop any bad things from happening.  

All around the place excitement and anticipation of what was going to happen was slowly but steadily building up like foam rising to the top of a pint of Guinness, it was utterly magical… was totally electric.

I was sad that this was going to be the last ever BA001 Concorde from Heathrow  JFK, but I was also very very excited at the prospect of  seeing her.

I left my camera in its bag (as I knew it was to dark for the EOS 3 to see her) and stood next to Sparky, Tridentman, Andrew Winstanley  and the BBC London TV crew to witness history in the making.

I mentally prepared my self to absorb as much as I could about the atmosphere around us and to try and “video tape in my mind” the last night time take off of  Concorde.

I was anxiously  waiting for her to come, but she still had not taken off.  

As time passed the atmosphere and feeling around us just got more and more excited and more and more intense, every one was just waiting for Concorde......

A few minutes later some one excitedly said


She’s near the end of the runway  and on her way.

On the Air band radio people heard the following

Heathrow ATC


        Speedbird 1 cleared to take off, right wind 010 degrees 10 knots.



Take off 9 Right Speedbird Concorde 1 thank you ........... and errr Speedbird Concorde 1 this is the Captain Adrian Thompson.

I like to thank you for ATC and for all the fans at the end of the runway on their airband radios and all, some of the media that supported this plane over the years I'd like to dedicate this last 001 take off.

But I can say that if this magnificent machine was alive it would be crying supersonic tears as well....................

Heathrow ATC (in a sad voice)


       And errr thanks for that where sorry up here as well.



       We are rolling ......... Three, two, one, now ...................

In BA staff car park outside runway 27L

Then the atmosphere around us went up a gear and felt more excited than before, it felt more intense than before.

Airside near runway 27L

Leezyjet (one of my friends) worked for Heathrow Airport he stood airside facing run 27L with his colleagues and videod the last take off…….While he was doing this many other friends as well as tv crews from BBC, ITV and Sky also videod and broad cast live the last take off.

In BA staff car park outside runway 27L

In the distance we heard the familiar sound of the Olympus 593 engines roaring in to life…..Andrew and BBC London crew set their cameras up to record her, on live TV Andrew gave an introductory speech, talked to Sparky a bit before he let the 2 camera men wait and film Concorde.

A few seconds later (like any normal take off run) the sound of her engines got louder and louder then suddenly in the distance we saw a small white dot coming very very rapidly towards us, getting bigger and bigger I knew this was Concorde.   

As she zoomed in to the cold black Heathrow sky, the sound of  her Olympus 593 engines ripped extremely loudly in to the relative silence and she let the whole world know

I am Concorde hear the roar and power of my mighty engines. Marvel at my beauty, lament at my last BA001 flight from Heathrow to JFK

 and 747 eat my after burner smoke !!!!!

Last BA001-LHR-Videos Last BA001-News clips

The above are videos and news

clips of this take off

With all 4 after burners blazing hard and glowing bright light blue/white with vertical tiger stripes in them she swooped low and fast over our heads then climbed very rapidly in to the deep black sky.