Trip Report

Mach 2 – yipeeeeeeeeeeee

In the Cabin

After this I swung the camcorder to see the view out of my window (but the camcorde’s auto focus hand some trouble in locking on and focusing for a bit).



Pictures taken with my camcorder of view from my window at mach 2..

I said


This is a view out of my window …….. from seat 26D ………I took off at 8am/8pm UK time and the sky was black ……… now we are chasing the sun and flying at mach 2…………and I can see the sun rise …… this is just unbelievable its just crazy.

How the hell could they scrap Concorde …….. how in gods  name could they do that ???????????

Can’t believe in 2 days time that she’ll be no more ….. she’ll be just a museum piece how in god’s name can they do that .............



People need to understand that I am extremely passionate about Concorde and the time I was flying the thought of  knowing Concorde was going to be grounded hurt more than words can say and I said how I felt at the time……..

With the camcorder I leaned over my seat,  looked through the back window

Then took a few more photos with the EOS 3 and thought


Sod this I ain’t going to sit here trying to think deep, meaningful and philosophical thoughts, I can’t be bothered to waist  my  time  doing  all that.

I am here and I’m going to chill out, relax and enjoy the experience as we will be flying at mach 2 for 2 hrs  so have plenty of time to take photos and video.

and said


That’s is the view of the engines from the back of the plane …… dunno how this picture will come out, but hope its ok......