Trip Report

Mach 1.7 – Reached

In the cabin - Magic Supercruise

The plane felt like it was slowing down a bit because the afterburners had been turned off and that extra “push“ they gave (to brake through the sound barrier and accelerate through to mach 1.7) wasn’t there but the throttles where still pushed forward and engines where still running at full power.

As we gradually increased speed the front engine intakes started to slow the air down from 1, 129 mph down to 500mph (so the engines could breath), the buckets (at the back of the engines) where now open as wide as they  could (to allow more air flow through the back so the engines ran as efficiently as they could.)

(Press F5 to see animation again)

This allowed us to run on the magic “supercruise” , in non techie terms to fly  at twice the speed of sound other planes have to use afterburners all the time = using a lot of fuel all time.

But with supercruise the plane can fly  just as fast as any  other planes (which have use afterburners) but supercruise uses less  fuel  to   fly  at  the  same  speed  as them = longer range with supercruise.

No other plane can do that but Concorde can.

A few seconds later our velocity gradually started to increase and just  kept on going up

The slowing down  feeling we had a few seconds earlier was now legs didn’t feel weightless.....They didn’t feel like they where floating and I felt normal like I was back on ground but in reality I was at 45,000 ft and flying at 1.69 times the speed of sound and still accelerating :-)

James came back on the tannoy


As we reach mach 2 we will be flying at twice the speed that the earth spins, we will be chasing the sun, we will be able to catch it up and beat the sun.

We will be able to see the sky lighten up, see the sunrise and see night turn in to day.

I looked out of my window, the afterburners had been turned off, the sky didn’t look black as it had looked 10 minutes earlier, it looked dark grey / navy blue-ish (just like it looks 1/2 an hour after the sun rises on a cloudy day), the round part of the wing also looked dark grey.

(left) - view out of my window at mach 1.7