Trip Report

This roughly shows how Concorrde climbed from the Troposphere (where slower planes like the 747 and Airbus A380 fly) up to the Stratosphere where faster planes like Concorde and military jets fly.

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Since leaving Heathrow we had chased the setting sun over the horizon but now flying at mach 1.7 (1.7 times the speed of sound) and stilll accelerating to mach 2 where now starting to slowly win the race to catch the sun.

James Bedforth came on the tannoy and said


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In a few minutes I am going to turn the afterburners off, you will feel a gentle jolt, but we will continue to accelerate to mach 2 on “ dry power “ and Concorde will climb to her own height.  

This is another part of the operation of the intake of the engines …… after the science of the intakes, the recovered thrust makes more thrust by it self.  

It’s the ability to switch off the afterburners which we do at exactly  mach 1.7 coming up now and thrust that we loose by switching off the afterburners is regained from those intakes.

That was err brilliant piece of design for Concorde by guys again which enabled us to do some thing which no military aeroplane has ever been able to do.  

We call it super cruising and that is to carry on accelerating up to mach 2 with out the benefit of the thrust coming from the afterburners, this halves the fuel flow and makes transatlantic travel possible.

                   Note - “Dry power“ means the plane will fly without afterburners on full power

The fasten seat belt signs where switched on, I put on my seat belt and a few minutes later the afterburners where switched off when this happened I felt a slight jolt, my feet and lower legs felt weightless, I could feel them floating above the floor……..It felt similar to taking your foot off the accelerator pedal on a car after you have accelerated hard on a motorway, I sat there really enjoying the sensation I loved it, it felt great.