Trip Report

(In 2003) That’s the same stuff you could buy in Tescos or Sainsbury for 60p per 2 litre bottle of  water.

I was expecting some really posh sounding expensive  mineral water bottled from the some exotic and exclusive place like


But nope this was the same stuff you could buy in any supermarket cheaply lol.

As Concorde had the poshest, most expensive food and wine from the best chefs and the poshest places in the world, but nope the mineral water was bog standard (but very nice tasting) from good old Sainsbury at 60p per bottle.

Note -

I’m not “Whinging” about it, just saying how I felt. Concorde is special so you expect special “ Concorde” things to be used on it every where.           

(Giggle) I must have been the cheapest passenger Concorde ever had as I didn’t eat posh food or drink any posh drink but I didn’t care as I was on cloud 9 and I was having the happiest time of my life.

With Concorde I never had any idea of eating posh food and drinking fine wine, all I wanted to do was to was to fly on her and I would have been very happy if the stewardesses on Concorde had been serving


I would not have cared, all I wanted to do was to fly on Concorde at mach 2, I didn’t want to do anything else, but I wasn’t moaning about it, no way, I loved it, the food and service was excellent.

Before we reached mach 1.7 and before we had dinner, the stewardesses handed out small wet white towels which looked as big as A5 sized piece of paper.

In my Essex accent I asked the stewardess


What’s this for ?

She smiled and said


To clean your hands with before you have dinner.

I felt like right wally not knowing what that towel was for but I have never been to any posh places in my whole life where we people are given towels to clean our hands with.

Braking the Sound Barrier

Subsonic        Mach 1.7

In the Cabin

I asked the stewardesses


Can I have my photo taken with mach meters ?


She replied


You can’t do this straight away as we are very busy serving dinner.

When I looked the isle was choca block with them moving around.

I looked at the menu again, it all seemed very posh, because I am not use to posh food, I felt it was a good idea not to eat any of the food and not drink any wine, champagne etc as I didn’t want to be ill.

10 minutes later the stewardess came back and asked me


Are you ready to order ……….

I paused for a bit looked the menu and said can


I’ll have a chicken Caesar salad sandwich and a glass of mineral water please as I am not use to eating posh food.

In a happy voice she replied


Fine no problem.

A few minutes later she came back with the sandwich cut in 4 triangles on a plane white china plate, I thought


         Wow this is posh a chicken Caesar salad sandwich on a white china plate.

The sandwich had all its crusts taken off, it was a bit smaller in size than the ones you get in supermarkets like Marks & Spencer,  Sainsburys or Tescos. The bread had bits of raison sized sun dried tomatoes in it and the sandwich had basil leaves, ice burg lettuce leaves and chicken it was very very tasty, I loved it.

As we where flying faster than the speed of sound and still accelerating to mach 2 (1,320 mph) I sipped some mineral water and continued to eat my sandwich, but it seemed difficult to understand that I was actually sitting on seat in Concorde flying at 50,000 feet, flying faster than sound and still climbing and accelerating to mach 2.

It just didn’t seem real that I was flying this fast and this high while munching a chicken Caesar salad sandwich (the same as you can buy in Sainsburys, Marks & Spencer or Tescos).

It just seemed so so so unreal, but it was happening, it was real, I was really flying on Concorde, faster than the speed of sound, higher and faster then I had ever been before, this was mind blowing and out of this world kind of stuff.

I realised that the only people higher than me on the planet where the astronauts on the .I.S.S. (International Space Station), I wanted to stand on my seat for a bit so in theory my head would have been above every one else’s and thus my head would have been the 3rd highest on the entire planet but I played it cool as I didn’t want people to think that I was a wally so I chilled out, sat in my comfy padded leather chair and totally relaxed.

By this time in to the flight I was totally chilled out and relaxed but I was a bit thirsty so I asked the stewardess


Can I have some more water please ?

She came back and gave me 2 litre bottle of highland spring mineral water