Trip Report

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And there go the afterburners ladies and gentleman and here comes the acceleration ……… there it is and we are accelerating ….. in about another 20 seconds and we will be through the sound barrier.

When James lit the afterburners I didn’t feel any thing as I was leaning forward in my seat fiddling with the BBC camcorder and then with my EOS 3 camera  as I wanted to catch the moment and catch the afterburners on tape and film.

Me braking through the sound barrier south off Porthcawl in Wales.



= Concorde braking the sound barrier                 and flying through it.  breaking the sound              Barrier

Braking the Sound Barrier

Subsonic        Mach 1.7

In the cabin

7.20pm + 40 seconds.

James came back on the tannoy to give us a live running commentary of what was going on the flight deck, just as the afterburners where switched on James said