Trip Report

Gently Climbing

In the cabin

Below is menu from my flight (click on each page to read it.)


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In the cabin

I looked at the menu but didn’t understand what most of the food meant as I have never had any “ proper “ posh food or “proper“ posh wine…..The poshest food I had once was a chocolate bar from Marks and Spencer and Ferror Roche sweets I get my mum for Christmas.

The poshest meal I ever had  was a McDonald’s Filet-o-fish with a huge glass of Sprite, large fries and a cinnamon donut.

What I call posh wine is wine from Tesco’s called the blue nun or Ribeana which to me tastes like red wine but the stuff on Concorde was pukka top of the range “real“ posh food the kind of stuff which stars like Sting or the Queen have, I have never had food that posh or that expensive.

I wasn’t sure how my tummy would react to the posh food so I after the stewardesses served the food I wanted to ask for Mars Bars but instead I asked for a Chicken Caesar salad sandwich with sun dried tomatoes in the bread and a glass of cool mineral water.

A few minutes later the stewardess came back with a sandwich cut in to 4 small triangles with no edges of bread, the sandwich was smaller in size then the ones you get from Sainsbury or Tescos.

While the other passengers where dinning on the poshest food, drinking the finest wine and champagne money could buy I was going to eat a posh sandwich with mineral water instead of champagne.

My tummy was rumbling so I dived in to the sandwich, it was heaven to the mouth. It was the tastiest, most expensive, quickest and highest sandwich I have ever had as I was flying on Concorde at over 30,000 feet and still accelerating.

After lunch I sat back and relaxed, I started to chat with fellow passengers, I also looked out of my window out towards the horizon, the sky had got more lighter.

I took some photos of the sky out of the my window and the window behind my window but in order to do that I had to move my chair back in the sleeping position and stood on the seat on my knees so I could lean back and look through the back window at times it was difficult to do this.

The stewardesses saw what I was up to but they didn’t mind as I guess they knew this was my first and only time on Concorde and a once in life time chance.

I was like a sponge, there was so much to see, so much  to hear, so much for my body to experience and so much for my heart and soul to feel, I wanted to absorb  as much of this as I could as I knew this would never happen to me again.

View from my window of the horizon, we are flying at mach 0.95 (645 mph) but on the horizon you can already see rainbow colours of the sky as we start the race towards it to catch the setting sun.

If some one had now been standing outside

Concorde this is what they would have seen.

The stewardesses where all very busy walking around the cabin making sure people where ok and every thing on the plane was ok……I felt a bit guilty for sitting in my seat, doing nothing and enjoying the flight while they all worked their socks off and looked after 99 of us + the pilots..

During the flight I tried to record all the announcements made by the crew on my flight on the BBC camcorder.