Trip Report

Gently Climbing

In the cabin

During the flight I could hear the constant loud roar of the engines, the  hum of the electrical systems and the loud shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noise coming from the plane’s air conditioning systems


(click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

it was great  and after a few mins I got use to the noise and didn’t notice it at all it just felt natural….

Martine Bell came over and asked me


Would you like any thing to drink ?

As she was handing out glasses of champagne.

Martine  Belle handing out glasses of champagne.

In the cabin

I have never had champagne in my life so  I replied


Can I have mineral water or lemonade please ?

Martine came back a few minutes later and gave me mineral water.

I sipped some water, sat back and relaxed, I got the camcorder and EOS 3 out took some more video and photos then I turned the camera and camcorder off placed them in the empty seat next to mine chilled out, sat back and relaxed.

By now we where 10 minutes in to the flight, I felt like I had always flown on Concorde it felt so natural and comfortable but this was the first time I had ever flown on Concorde and this was my 2nd flight on any plane in my life, but the brilliant way the designers built Concorde she was designed to feel “ normal “ and not like an awkward exotic thing.

We where still gradually climbing and gently accelerating, I looked at the speedometer next to the mach meter, we where already flying at over 600 mph (faster than any normal plane).

I looked out of my window and the sky had become a bit lighter, the stewardess came over to my seat and gave me the menu, salt and pepper grinders, followed by a white napkin……I opened the flap in the seat in front of me and she put all that stuff on it.

The cutlery, plates and napkins where pure white, the cutlery was made of plastic, the glasses where of a simple plane design, non of these things looked special.

          Simple “ ordinary “ looking cups, napkins, glasses plates and cutlery on Concorde

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They didn’t have the words “ Concorde “, SST or anything to  show they where part of Concorde.

They just looked plane, ordinary and simple there was nothing special to indicate they flew on Concorde, in layman’s terms they looked and felt like the same good quality stuff you can buy in Debenhams, Tescos, Marks and Spencer etc, they didn’t look or feel any special than that.