Trip Report

Photo taken by Martine Belle while we where accelerating to mach 1.

In the cabin

As we continued to climb at a gentle angle I could see the stewardesses rushing around, getting drinks for passengers and seeing to their needs.

I felt really sorry for them racing around like crazy while me and the other passengers where sitting in our comfy, padded leather seats and really enjoying the flight.

Things had been extremely  busy and hectic from the time I got out of bed at 6.30am this morning to getting on Concorde and taking off etc.

When I got on G-GOAD I knew she was special, I knew she was a world record holder and a world record breaker (as on  7 Feb 1996 - she flew Heathrow to JFK in  2 hrs,  52 minutes and 59 seconds)……But on my flight until now I didn’t really have time to take a step back to stop and think about what was really happening or where I was.

All through the day it was just very very hectic and a constant go go go.

it was all such a rush.

But now as I sat on  G-BOAD heading rapidly west towards New York and still accelerating fast I finally had time to stop, pause for a while and think.

As I looked out of my window I suddenly realised that I was actually flying on the fastest Concorde in the entire British Airways fleet –  G-BOAD – so I was on the fastest airliner in the whole world but I could not believe I was on that plane and flying, I could not believe it but I  really was on her......

Before this moment I knew G-BOAD held 2 transatlantic records, when I board G-BOAD I remembered all this but until now I didn’t have any time to think, now  I finally had time for my self it  really sunk in.

I sat back in my seat, relaxed and wondered how fast this experience was going to be over, I was having so much fun that I wanted it to carry on forever and I didn’t want to sleep and miss any of it.

Gently Climbing

In the cabin


(left) - Is the view from  inside our cabin after take off

           During  gentle  climb,  I  took  the  photo  from

          seat  26C (which the seat next mine).

The plane was gently but rapidly climbing, from the soles of my shoes, to back of thighs and then to seat of my trousers I could feel the whole cabin floor and seat being gently but noticeably pushed up at a very shallow angle by a huge hand.

I could feel my ears pop and as I sat in my seat,  I felt over the moon with utter happiness and joy, I felt extremely extremely  happy and grateful to all who had helped me get here…..I was really really excited and was looking forward to the next 3 ½ hours on Concorde yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

In a mixture of a French and English accent one of the stewardesses (Martine Belle) happily asked me


Do you want me to take a photo of you while you’re in your seat ?

I happily replied  :- Yes

I gave her my EOS 3 camera, explained to how to use it and she took 2 photos of me.