Last BA001

The Last BA001 Heathrow – JFK

7pm in BA staff car park outside runway 27L

It was a crystal clear very icy, cold and utterly freezing night, But apart from my hands and face I wasn’t cold as I had my baseball hat, my trusty leather jacket and thermals to keep my self nice and warm.

We all patiently stood out side in the icy cold air, our faces where almost frozen and as we breathed or chatted to each other we could see our breaths turn in to little clouds of white steam. But we waited ……and waited …… and waited for the last Concorde, she was taking agonisingly long time to come.

Finally at 7.30pm some one cheerily and excitedly said


We have push back.

I was getting very excited and thrilled at seeing another Concorde take off.

Flight Details


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An on looker called - Machtoo - was at Terminal 4 and witnessed the whole thing he said


I was privileged to be over T4 for the departure of the G-BOAG and was one of several hundred who waved off this historic flight.

To see Adrian Thompson wave the union jack out of the window bought a tear to the eye knowing that this would never EVER happen again.

The aircraft looked truly magnificent as she taxied though the water spray before leaving the cul-de-sac.

Airside - Terminal 4  For the last time in history  a BA001 Concorde was slowly taxiing out of  its parking bay at Terminal 4 and making its way  to west end side of the South Runway  for the final take off run.

    •   Captain  .........................….…..Adrian Thompson

    •   Senior First officer............….… Les Evans

    •   Engineering Flight Officer ..…….Mike Hollyer

Photo of the pilots of the last BA001 Concorde to New York - JFK from Heathrow Airport