Trip Report

We are on our way

In the cabin - take off run

When I looked out of the window the horizon was at slanted angle, I thought of every one who had helped me get here.  

I thought of my mum, my dad (who is in heaven), Sparky and his family, WesternDH, Peer, Rachel, Tridentman, Jez, Thalystgv, Lara, Starlight and every one else including people who had sent me good luck messages before my flight, e-mails advising me on how to do my flight  and every one who had helped me full fill my dream….. I thought of every one, I also thought - I hope mum gets home safely.

As we screamed low over the western parameter road and rapidly zoomed upwards heading in south westerly direction towards Windsor, Filton and eventually New York I knew the alarms of cars standing next to the North runway would now be going off.

I wondered exactly where Peer, Jez, my mum and the others were under my flight path……I imagined how many countless people must be standing at the end of the runway to see Concorde take off as only a few days earlier I was standing in the same spot watching another Concorde and some one else’s dream take off.

Outside behind westside of runway 27R

On the ground mum and Peer where still standing near the end of the 09L side of the north runway…..mum said they saw my plane coming, it was flying low and extremely fast.

As Concorde flew directly over their heads mum said it was very very noisy…..She was very very excited and happy for me and at the same time was also worried about me as I’d never been so far away from home.

Although I was sitting around 7 feet away from the back of the engines I didn’t feel nor experience the full raw and deafening sound of her mighty Olympus 593 engines running at full power with afterburners…..I never felt the intense heat those afterburners can generate.

All I felt was the normal skin temperature warm air of Concorde inside the cabin, all I heard was a roar like standing next to loud air conditioning unit or being in the computer room of some huge Computer centre (any Computer operators reading this will know the noise I mean).

But I knew what her take off noise and shock wave felt like as in the past I’d also stood at  the end of the same runway countless times and taken countless photos of her taking off over my head from the same place so I knew exactly what she felt and sounded like.

I didn’t know how high we where but I felt the genuine and pure warmth,  love, happiness, generosity and good luck wishes of people who’d helped me.

In the cabin - take off run

I really felt their kind thoughts and happiness where pushing my plane in to the sky and making it go faster and faster until there was no stopping her from leaving the ground I felt like I was being carried on the shoulders of giants and not even Heathrow Police could stop me now.

I was truly and incredibly happy……at the same time I was content and overjoyed about what was happening to me at this moment in time….. I never felt so safe, so happy, so joyful and so utterly content in my whole life as I felt now…....I was truly at peace with my self  and boy I was having fun yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yahoooooooooo

As we took off we immediately and smoothly banked hard right then quickly but gently banked left wow as we did this it was like being on a roller coaster turning rapidly right and then left……While this was happening the under side of my thighs and backside where firmly pushed in to my seat and I could feel some g-force them, my feet felt like they where welded to the floor.

My  body felt like it was being pushed in the direction the plane was moving in and I could feel every left and right movements  the plane made it was fantastic ride and wished it had carried on forever as it was great fun  it made the Ryan Air 737-200 feel painfully  SLOW  and borrrrrrrrrring.

View of the road on western side of the north runway as we flew over it.

Out of the window I could see the orange dots of street lights on ground out lining the streets and towns of west London, if I had a white pen I would have joined those orange dots up.

I leaned forward and looked further back out of my window I could see the after burners had just been turned off……. I could see the reverse buckets where glowing orangey yellow for a few seconds after the after burners had been turned off before they faded back to their normal black colour and I thought


     Thalystgv was right when he said they did that.

I sat back in my seat, continued to enjoy the take off, I guess 20 seconds after take off  I could feel my self being pulled back more and more in to my seat……I felt g-force and it felt great wow she’s a strong bird and she doesn’t half shift. Then for a few seconds my mind went suddenly blank….. I felt numb like I wasn’t here when I was here.