Trip Report

We are on our way

In the cabin - take off run

I guess we where getting faster and faster but I didn’t really feel it, next thing I knew I could feel the back of my thighs, the souls of my feet and my backside being gently but constantly pushed up,  I could feel my back being gently but constantly pushed back in to my seat.

Outside runway 27R

While I was making the take off run my friends positioned them selfs at the following points


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to video my take off from 3 different points of view and after my flight they edited it all together and add it to the Jetinder CD.

Outside behind westside of runway 27R

As  I sat in Concorde making the take off run, mum and Peer where initially sitting in Peer’s car waiting for Concorde but then all got out of the car and stood at the end of the runway waiting for me, it was a cold night as you could see your breath freeze in front of your face and turn in to a mini cloud, but they where both extremely happy and excited for  me.

Peer said to mum


Jet is very very lucky person as he saw a sunset here and he will see a sunset in New York.

In the cabin - take off run

As we took off I looked out of the window and the horizon wasn’t horizontal it was at a slanted angle and I knew we had taken off but I wasn’t sure if we had cleared the fence, I just sat back in my seat, forgot about my camera, camcorder and I enjoyed the experience, it was brilliant, it was breath takingly smooth, if I had closed my eyes I would not have felt the take off at all.

Animation of my take off run on runway 27R (North Runway)

These are full videos of my take off,  from  different points of view. This was one of  the best Concorde ever had. Now in 2008 I find it hard to believe that I was on that very plane, but I was :-)