Trip Report

We are on our way

In the cabin

In the cabin mobile phones and other electrical items which could interfere with the plane’s systems or communication equipment  where banned so I could not phone or text any one to say we where moving.

The cabin was still full of life with people still putting coats etc away and settling down in their seats, the atmosphere was fresh and fun, we where all there to have a great adventure and enjoy our selves.

Shortly after Martine’s speech  a stewardess speaking in a happy posh English accent came on the tannoy and said


For each cabin section, please take a moment now to locate the exist nearest to you bearing in mind the nearest exist to you may be behind you.

To help you find your way to these exits additional lighting will be provided in the isle at floor level.

In the unlikely event of having to use the escape slide leave all hand baggage behind and ladies remove high heel shoes as these may tear the slide.

Please now ensure you table folds away, your seat back is upright with the arm rest down and your seat belts are fastened and do an unfastened like this.

When ever the fasten seat belts signs are on you must return to your seats and fasten your belts securely. For your own comfort and safety we recommend you keep your seat belts fastened at all times as visible to avoid being served in flight.

What the Oxygen mask looks like                     Putting the Oxygen mask on

Your life jacket is underneath your seat , in the event of landing on water remove the life jacket from its container and pull it over your head, pass the tapes around your waste and tie them securely in a double bow at the side.

         Showing - Life Jacket                                      Putting the Life Jacket on

To inflate pull the red toggle as shown,  the air can be topped up by using the mouth piece and there is a whilst here for attracting attention.

Showing whistle of life jacket.

Do not inflate your life jacket till your out side of the aircraft, pull twilight spot boys and life support system. Finally gentlemen please study safety cards and take note of the fasten safety belt signs.

I watched them doing this for a bit and took note what was going on then I didn’t take much notice as I thought - This will make great video .

Seat belt demo

If your cabin air supply fails oxygen will be provided, masks like this will be provided, masks like this will appear automatically.

Stay in your seats and pull the mask towards you and if so open your oxygen supply, Place mask over your mouth and nose like this and breath normally and just leave the mask as secured.

Please make sure the air mask is fitted before helping any one else.

 Life jacket demo video