Trip Report

At the door of  the Dream machine

Inside the Dream machine :-)

She came over to me and offered me the towel.

I asked


What’s this for ?

She replied


Its to wipe your hands with sir.

She was blond in her 30s and looked gorges, I got tongue tied at how pretty she was and in a goofy accent I said


Sorry I didn’t know.

but I accepted the towel wiped my hands and gave the towel back her..... For me this was really posh stuff as I’d never come across this before so at first I didn’t know how to react to this but I got use to posh way of doing things :-)

On the flight deck


   (click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

Heathrow ATC


Speedbird Concorde 1 hello, start of the cruise cleared for New York Kennedy, Compton three foxtrot departure,  standard oceanic tract is sierra mike squawking seven six zero two, Q and H is one zero one zero millibars.

Captain Andy Mills


Zero one zero and errr Compton 3 foxtrot sierra mike seven six zero two  confirmed.

Heathrow ATC


Speedbird Concorde 1, your current eback slot time is at four five and its been a pleasure working you and its been my last shift today. Contact lenar one decimal nine for the push, correction contact one two one seven for the push.

Captain Andy Mills


One two one seven and errrr the pleasures all mine.

Thanks for sending us off on my last trip to.

Heathrow ATC


Have a good one.

Air side and on the ground

The mechanical LAE engineer took command of G-BOAD being pushed back.

Before she was pushed back he helped the pilots start the 2 inner engines….. Number 3 engine was the first one to be started then came number 2 engine once these where running smoothly she was pushed back until she was looking straight a head, at this point the remaining 2 outer engines (1 and 4) where started.

Rough diagram of Concorde

doing a 3 point turn

In the cabin

In the distance below the left and right of me I heard a rapid loud fluttering noise similar to the sound you hear in a garage when the mechanic takes your car’s wheels off with a compressed air powered spanner gun…… Then I heard the faint whine of the 2 inner engines being started up separately, the whine got louder and louder until it was a constant middle pitch jet noise we where then reversed back (pushed back).

Initially my mind didn’t notice that happening to much as I was to busy looking around every where trying absorb the atmosphere and the experience of being on a “ live “ Concorde but while sitting in my seat my body felt the plane gently lurch a bit forward and then lurch gently to the left and right before I could feel the whole plane being pushed backwards  (basically doing a 2 point turn and having her nose point forward).

To do a 3 point in a car takes skill but to do it in a 202ft supersonic airplane while she is still on ground boy that takes a lot of skill and training, (Push back felt similar to the Ryan Air 737 which I'd flown only 6 days earlier).

When all 4 engines where smoothly running and all was ok the mechanical LAE engineer gave control back to my pilots.

My pilots then started moving a her flaps and rudder to make sure they worked correctly before she was allowed to taxi to her departure runway.  

Concorde being pushed back and

doing a 3 point turn.