Last BA001

The Last BA001 Heathrow – JFK

Thursday 23rd Oct 2003 - 6-ish PM

Overall I wanted to stay and chat with them all but I knew that I had to find Sparky so on my way to finding Sparky I tried to keep my head down, I walked past a lot of people and if they recognised me I said :- hi

But I continued walking past them as I knew I didn’t have the time to stop and chat to every one as my number 1 priority was to find Sparky and the BBC London crew.  

(If any of those people reading this think I was rood by ignoring them while I walked past then I’m sorry I wasn’t being rude at all but I didn’t have time chat to every one).

While I was walking to down to meet Sparky unknown to me at the time on BBC London, they broadcast my story


I eventually saw Andrew Winstanley and BBC London crew, they invited me in to the British Airways staff car park (which was in front of the runway Concorde was going to use)……As I walked towards the entrance even more people said in happy cheerfully voices


Hey you’re the guy who was on TV and who flew on Concorde

We saw you on TV :-)

More people congratulated me, It was a wonderful very warm and happy feeling to know so many saw me tv and so many cared but I didn’t have time to chat so I thanked them all for their kind words but continued to walk to the car park entrance as I knew I had to find Sparky and the BBC crew……When I got in the car park I saw a huge 50ft aerial coming out of a van and I thought


       Yep that’s the BBC so I made a bee line to where the aerial was.

In BA staff carpark outside runway 27L

I saw Andrew Winstanley and BBC London crew with their BBC TV cameras…..Near them I saw my friends Sparky and Tridentman I said - hi to them all but due to bad “ jet lag “ and tiredness I wasn’t in a happy, talkative mood I was ready to fall over and sleep with tiredness so I tried to stay awake and say as little as I could to keep my energy levels up.

As stood next to BBC camera crew with BBC London transport reporter Andrew Winstanley + countless thousands of people out side the fence of the car park I couldn’t believe I’d flown on Concorde 2 days earlier or that I was actually here……I couldn’t believe that I was here to see the last BA001 Concorde leave Heathrow and fly to New York JFK airport… didn’t seem real……

Today’s BA001 was mainly a “free bee“ laid on by British Airways for high flying celebrities and Concorde frequent flyers but it also had the last ever “fare paying“  passengers to ever fly from Heathrow to JFK on Concorde.

However as far as I know my Concorde was the last ever “full” fare paying Concorde from London – Heathrow – New York JFK and on that flight I was the last “fare paying“ passenger to ever fly on a full fare paying BA001 Concorde from Heathrow to New York.

As I stood in the car park waiting for Concorde, the whole place, the whole atmosphere was electric, it was to dark for me to take photos of her so I just stood there, more people from the other side of the fence recognised me from TV…….they called me over and we started chatting....... It was a fantastic, brilliant feeling,

Now I know what real celebrities and public figures experience, I called Jez on my mobile phone and said


   Jez where are you ?

Jez replied


Just near the end of 27L.

I said


Come in to the British Airways car park where next to the huge tall aerial in the car park.

Jez replied


 I can’t find the entrance to the car park ……. I can’t  see any of you and I can’t see

 the aerial so its best for me to stay where I am as the crowds are enormous.

I felt sad that Jez wasn’t with us (the four Amigos – me, Sparky, Tridentman and Jez) to see the last BA001 leave Heathrow but I understood his reasoning.