Trip Report

At the door of  the Dream machine

Inside the Dream machine :-)

The seat next to the window is my very seat

and home for the next 3 ½ hrs, seat 26D :-)

The seat was padded and made out of either navy blue leather or PVC, I wasn’t 100% sure which stuff it was made of  (as PVC can be made to look and feel like leather) but it was an extremely comfortable and figure hugging seat.

I wished I had 2 of these as front seats for my car as these seats where that good…… The only seats which come close to how comfortable the Concorde seats where are the seats in a Ford Sapphire RS Cosworth.

Ford Sapphire RS Cosworth and its front seats

          (click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Captain Andy Mills welcome aboard our Concorde flight to New York this evening.

Just getting dark now but err will be light by the time we get to New York.

One of those rare days where you will see 2 sunrises and the sun will be quite low but you will be able to see New York as we land.

2 minutes after Captain Mills announcement in a happy cheerful voice a stewardess came on the tannoy and said

         (click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

A very good evening to you ladies and gentlemen welcome aboard this British Airways Concorde flight the furthest for a  British Airways Concorde, so just sit your self’s down, relax and enjoy your supersonic flight. ………………..

Cabin crews please set doors to automatic and cross check.

A few minutes later I heard a bing bong and I expected people to say hi de hi but on the tannoy one of the stewardesses (Martine Belle) in French said

          (click on above to listen to actual audio of it)

Madam and monsieur dela pardi como dore esi beya duli tio I ke ba  jursa ka beya venoo aboard de Concorde.

Azue tre de yor de are de yor de monderve et menteton twa minet, Jem apel martine ja pa francey twa de twa negisi par leve parva. Two le jesi par de le por deli por abeyab merci.

I don’t know what the above means (as I can't speak French) but it sounded very "Eurovision song contest", very international, exciting and exotic…… It felt great and had a very traveller type atmosphere, I was also expecting some one  to say Norvege dix pwa :-)