Trip Report

The Concorde Lounge

The Dream is coming :-)

In front of every one with my camera bags next to me, with my “ Concorde “ boarding pass in my hands I did a gazza (Paul Gascogoin in a 1990’s world cup), I went on my knees, put my arms in the air, I exploded, I erupted with utter joy and happiness.

In loud high pitched voice as in the film Harry met sally I said


Yes yes yes :-) :-) :-) ………

(Me saying yes yes yes)

Every one started giggling and laughing at me in a happy way, I didn’t care what people thought of me, As I was happier then I have ever been and I could not help how I felt and I automatically showed the world how happy I was, I was utterly joyful yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I could not help my self from feeling so so so happy.

When I got off my knees and stood up I happily said to every one


I’m sorry if I made a wally of my self but could not help it as flying Concorde was a life long dream which I was going to live.

They all just smiled and I guess they understood how I really felt about her.

Then it was time go before I left the departure desk I again said


Thank you to all of you for making this happen and for making this a very special day.

Andrew Winstanley,  the BBC camera man and the British Airways Press officer all happily said


 Good luck and enjoy the flight.

Then I slowly walked through the magic doors behind the departure desk and slowly walked down the grey corridor which lead to Concorde’s front door.

In my right hand I carried my trusty EOS 3 camera in its bag and in my left hand I carried the BBC camcorder in its bag :-

While I was walking down the corridor it was very quite and for the first time in weeks I was completely and totally alone as no one else was in that corridor......Apart from still being extremely happy for the next 2-3 minutes I didn’t really feel any thing else.

As I took each step I got closer and closer to the end of the corridor and to the start of my dream……I knew that in next number of steps I would be steeping aboard Concorde….. I knew that every single step I now took would get me closer and closer to living the dream.......This made me feel even more excited about the coming flight and excited in the knowledge that a life long dream and love would soon be finally realised and full filled, I just couldn’t wait to get on her, I just couldn’t wait but I didn’t run.

I calmly walked to Concorde in a dignified manner as I didn’t want to step on to her all hot and sweaty, I wanted to step on to her dressed to impress in a cool calm and very collected mood :-)

I wanted to video my self going down the corridor and boarding the plane but I didn’t know how to use the camcorder and figured I could play with it on my flight as my main aim was to get Concorde and walk through her magic door and in to the land of dreams :-)