Trip Report

The Concorde Lounge

Views of  the Concorde lounge


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On the tannoy  I heard  


   Final call for all passengers traveling through the gate at far end of the lounge.

When I heard this I thought


    Right this is it,

my heart started to beat faster and faster, I started to feel numb.

I wanted to get my bags and go as fast as I could towards Concorde, I couldn’t wait to get on her, I just couldn’t wait I was so excited but Andrew said


Jet wait until every one has gone through the departure check-in as we want to film the last moments of you checking in before you board Concorde.

I happily replied


Fine I don’t mind

While people where boarding Concorde Andrew explained what he wanted to do, I replied


Ok no worries

And we all patiently waited.

As all the passengers boarded Concorde, the lounge became very quite as all the laughter and happiness of people was now on Concorde and not in the Concorde lounge.

While we waited for the last passengers to board Concorde I wanted to thank the staff in the Concorde lounge for all the support they gave us, so I said  


        Thank you for all your help.

I wasn’t being arrogant by saying this but these guys had made me feel as welcome and as comfortable as I could be and I felt I had to thank them for doing this for me.

The staff all smiled and happily replied


Your welcome and enjoy the flight.

I couldn’t wait to get on Concorde but I kept my cool and acted like the Fonz from Happy Days

When the last passengers had left the departure desk, we got the signal from the British Airway’s Press officer to start walking towards the departure desk.

Departure desk in Concorde lounge

This video of the Concorde Lounge was taken

 by  my friend J Beddoes.

Please Note


At the time of updating this report its now 24 May 2010, the Concorde Lounge at Terminal 4 doesn’t exist any more,  so the photos and video you’ve just seen are now sad;y part of  Concorde’s history.

This video was taken by my friend J Beddoes, its of him and the others going through the departures gate. I followed a few mins after him with BBC tv crew filming me.