Trip Report

The Concorde Lounge  After his speech Captain Mills briefly mingled with a few passengers and signed a few flight certificates before he made his way to Concorde to start the pre-flight checks with James Bedforth and Peter Carrigan.

Video of Captain Andy Mills talking to other passengers and signing some flight certificates in the Concorde lounge before our flight.

I looked in my camera bag and I tried to find a spare set of AA batteries for my camera, I suddenly realised that I’d left a new set of 24 x AA batteries in my clothes bag and not in my camera bag...... The clothes bag was already loaded aboard my flight so there was no way I could get that back just to get my batteries  …………………doh.

I knew the EOS 3’s current batteries where running low, so no matter what happened I had to get a new set of AAs for the flight.....It would have looked really stupid if I went on the flight and ran out of battery power half way across the Atlantic on my once in a life time flight.

I asked the British Airways press officer


Can I get the a set of AA batteries for my camera ?

In a slightly concerned voice she replied


Fine but you have 5 minutes to come back or you will miss the flight.

I didn’t need to be told twice I legged it (ran) out of the Concorde lounge as fast as I could (I was surprised I didn’t nicked by Heathrow Police’s speeeeeeeeeeeed camera for running so fast).

Running for a new set of batteries

I wanted to find Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury or Tesco’s as they sell cheap “ good value” items but instead I found Dixons and HMV.

Dixons prices where rather high so I ran to HMV however they didn’t have the batteries I needed so I ran back to Dixons and raced to the back of the shop, found the AA batteries for the EOS 3 and bought 2 packs (4 Duracell AAs) and got 1 pack for free (which I thought was great value).

wd to power the flash unit.

(Above) these are the actual batteries I got from Dixons and which flew with me on Concorde......2 packs where needed to power the EOS 3, 1 pack was needed  to power the flash.

I was lucky that Heathrow had places where they sold batteries etc..... If I’d not got the spare batteries I know the EOS 3 would have run out of battery power ¼ of the way in to my flight so I had to get them.